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Birdwatching in Paradise || cEDH Aluren [Primer]

Commander / EDH* Combo Competitive GWUB Infinite Combo Multiplayer Primer



Apparently there are a lot of birds in paradise. I’m not quite sure why that happened, but I won’t complain.

Aluren decks are built to abuse the cards Aluren + Cavern Harpy to win the game through creature based tutor chains. It seeks to play a slot efficient combo, with almost all of it’s pieces having uses aside from just comboing. The deck shares similarities with many midrange lists, and is loosely based on PST with a creature based combo rather than a artifact one. This is a large motivation to playing the deck since it allows us to play Stony Silence and Null Rod , making the deck better against fast artifact based combos. Additionally, since so many of our cards are creatures (many of which also fly), the deck is able to capitalize on the power of Tymna the Weaver as a card draw engine quite well.


One of the most powerful openings this deck can have is an early tymna with a flyer. An opening hand that can play a turn 2 tymna alongside a Cloud of Faeries or a Birds of Paradise and Noble Hierarch is often strong enough to keep on its own. Couple this up with a stax piece, tutor, or card advantage engine, and the hand will often function quite well.

Rhystic Study/Mystic Remora/Runic Armasaur/Sylvan Library/Dark Confidant

Not much needs to be said about the power of these cards. Playing them early will often be enough to win the game in their own. The raw card advantage they create is often powerful enough to justify keeping hands with little other support. If I was guaranteed any one of these turn 1 that alone is often enough for me to keep.


Hands that contain powerful stax effects like Stony Silence or Aven Mindcensor are difficult to deal with. If landed early, they can be back breaking against certain decks, but often you will find that they only affect some of the decks at the table or, if they affect multiple opponents, will be huge bullseyes, and difficult to protect. If you can curve the piece out well, and you know it will be strong against multiple decks it is reasonable to keep a hand based on these pieces, but you should be able to cast a tymna or similar card advantage engine if the stax plan doesn't work out.

Ad Naus/Necro

These cards are extremely powerful, and can be game winning on their own. Knowing how far to go, and when to stop is based on experience, meta, and boardstate. How they factor into opening hands is thus something that you need to decide on you own.


A T1-2 twister is potentially game winning. If you have the mana to cast an early twister you have likely spent many of your resources to develop your mana, and be low on cards to begin with, and the added benefit of messing with your opponents opening hands makes this play all the better.

Riding off your opening hand, the decisions you make should be towards generating card advantage and setting up to combo. Early tutor targets are mostly card advantage pieces such as Dark Confidant , slyvan library or Rhystic Study and stax pieces like Aven Mindcensor , Null Rod , Lavinia, Azorius Renegade (nice to have on board before aluren) or Gilded Drake (a mindcensor or Linvala).

Don’t be afraid to use your many combo pieces for value. Owing to how the combo uses tutor chains, you will find that even if your combo pieces get exiled, often you will still be able to combo at the cost of a bit more life. If they are exiled or destroyed you merely need to tutor up Riftsweeper or Eternal Witness , put the card back in your hand/deck, and use the recruiter to find it again.

When to fire the combo is a tricky question. It relies on experience to know when the table is out of resources, or you have more resources than them. Fortunately, unlike some decks, we can still win even after a failed combo. Aluren allows you to cast your commanders for free, as well as dump all the creatures in your hand. Even if temporary, this effect can be quite strong - allowing you to create a powerful board presence even if the aluren is destroyed.

Additionally, since Aluren provides flash, it allows the deck to go off at instant speed once resolved, allowing the player to pick the optimal moment to attempt a win (like when a Nature's Claim targeting aluren is on the stack) or do the combo across multiple turns under a Rule of Law or Damping Sphere .

To win the game your main game plan is Recruiter of the Guard . With Aluren and Recruiter in hand you should be able to lock your opponents out of the game with your main combo line of:

Like storm decks, a Chain of Vapor on our own creatures can be an incredibly powerful play. However with Aluren out it can be even better since we can cast creatures at instant speed to bounce them multiple times with one chain of vapor. This can be a way to setup a win when we can’t use Cavern Harpy for some reason. (cursed totem/Linvala or as a response to some interaction while harpy is on the stack)

With Aluren out, we can play our commanders along with other creatures to convoke a Chord of Calling . A helpful note when trying to set up combo lines.

Nercopotence and Aluren are a build your own shimmer zur. Flash in all your creatures at endstep and combo out.

Nature's Claim , Eternal Witness , Cloud of Faeries and a zero mana artifact can be a sorcery speed replacement for Knight of Autumn .

Suppression Field is a powerful card that the deck can sorta play. We have one “free” tutor in setting up the combo line (ie. one that doesn’t require a harpy activation) that is normally used to get Knight of Autumn so we can combo even at 1 life. However this can also be used to find Sedraxis Alchemist or… Knight of Autumn with a different mode to deal with a cursed totem/Linvala/suppression field effect. However, being a Thrasios, Triton Hero deck, activated abilities, while not super necessary, are nice.

In legacy Aluren decks contain Parasitic Strix to combo with Cavern Harpy on its own. However in the eternal cEDH quest to waste 0 slots, we have opted for a line composed of cards that were already in the deck, and others that aren’t dead draws when we aren’t comboing.

Similarly Cloudstone Curio is often run with aluren in casual edh decks. This artifact allows you to infinitely play and bounce a creature, making it effectively a second Cavern Harpy . However it is not a creature and thus cannot be played off of aluren or tutored by Recruiter of the Guard . This means that it must be tutored up as a third combo piece, and doesn’t work with the main combo line. Thus it was cut from this version of the deck.

Special thanks to:

Soren841 for a lot of decktesting on untap.in. His version can be found here https://deckstats.net/decks/86132/1250016-cedh-thrasios-and-tymna-aluren

Jp1314 for theorycrafting. His take on the deck an be found here: Aluren Shimmer Storm

And the cEDH discord for helping finetune the deck and find places for the format staples.


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