Chulane, Teller of Tales is a powerful commander that relies on creature casts to win the game. His triggered ability allows all our creatures to net us a draw and land drop, which can easily be abused with cards like Shrieking Drake and Whitemane Lion . His active ability is similar to Temur Sabertooth and can shine with cards like Village Bell-Ringer to start combos.
To put it simply, the goal of this deck is to play Chulane, create infinite mana, and win with Thassa's Oracle , Walking Ballista , or Finale of Devastation . There are other ways to win, but these cards provide the easiest route.

Chulane is relatively expensive, costing 5 mana, when compared to other cEDH commanders. To combat this, we include many stax cards (cards focused on resource denial and disruption) and high value cards. We also run all the staple mana dorks to help speed up the deck. Each game you play will be unique due to different stax, combo lines, and interactive instants. Generally you will want to establish your mana dorks and use your tutors to either grab an early Bloom Tender or relevant stax; however, if you have a key combo piece (see combos section) then you should try to go for an early win with your tutors. This deck is highly resilient against hate and can pull out quick victories when it is least expected. Do not be discouraged if Chulane is constantly removed because he is not necessary or can just be grabbed when we get infinite mana anyways.

Card Choices

  • Food Chain - Allows us to generate infinite mana with Eternal Scourge and Misthollow Griffin . Landing this combo should win us the game on the spot because we can cast Chulane with our infinite mana then draw our deck for a Thassa's Oracle victory. Many other Chulane players argue that Food Chain is sub-optimal because Scourge/Griffin are dead cards outside the combo, but I think we can reliably tutor the pieces often enough to make the combo worth running.

  • Walking Ballista - Kills the board with infinite mana. At the worst, you can drop it for X=0 to trigger Chulane or can use it for creature removal.

  • Intruder Alarm - Very easy for us to abuse with Chulane's active ability, Shrieking Drake / Whitemane Lion , Cloudstone Curio , and our dorks. This card can be a liability because it opens up combos for your opponents, so be sure to only drop this when you know you can win.

  • Aluren - Works wonders in the deck because it allows us to infinitely cast Whitemane Lion / Shrieking Drake to draw our deck with Chulane and win with Thassa's Oracle .

  • Earthcraft - You can stack your ETB triggers of Shrieking Drake / Whitemane Lion and tap them to earthcraft to net a mana, which goes infinite with drake. Works well with Village Bell-Ringer and gives value to our non-dork creatures. It's also important to note that Earthcraft only untaps basic lands, which is why we have a few islands and forests over something like City of Brass and Mana Confluence .

  • Mana Breach - Doesn't effect us at all with Chulane on the board, but horribly cripples our opponents. If you like this strategy then you can also include Overburden , but it felt like overkill in this deck.

  • Drift of Phantasms - Transmute can tutor so many essential combo peices such as Cloudstone Curio , Food Chain or Eternal Scourge , Intruder Alarm , Village Bell-Ringer , and other strong tutors such as Wargate / Spellseeker / Ranger-Captain of Eos / Idyllic Tutor

  • Wargate - Great way to grab our Food Chain or Aluren , or you can wargate for 0 to grab Mana Crypt for some ramp.

  • Ranger-Captain of Eos - Gets Shrieking Drake while providing a silence effect for when we decide to go off.

  • Extract - Allows us to exile Eternal Scourge or Misthollow Griffin to prepare for Food Chain . It can also be used to hate on an opponents combo if they are playing a one-dimensional deck.

  • See Combos section if you are looking to understand why a card is in the deck
  • Food Chain + Eternal Scourge / Misthollow Griffin = Infinite mana
  • Two 1 cmc creatures + two lands + Cloudstone Curio + Chulane
  • Aluren + Shrieking Drake / Whitemane Lion + Chulane
  • Intruder Alarm + Mana dork with + Shrieking Drake + Chulane
  • Village Bell-Ringer + Mana dorks + Chulane (no summoning sickness) = Infinite mana/creature casts
  • Earthcraft + Shrieking Drake + Island + Chulane
  • Any above infinite mana combos + Finale of Devastation

  • There are plenty of other Chulane decks that will use different win-conditions; however, I firmly believe that Aluren and Thassa's Oracle are the best win-conditions for this commander (minus timetwister). Notably, you do not want to include too many win-conditions because it makes the deck run less consistent as you draw more dead combo pieces. It is much better to run fewer combos that contain relevant pieces during any stage of the game. Below are some combos/win-conditions that are not included but were considered:

  • Timetwister - Used to start loops to get infinite casts with any of our spells. Not included purely because of the cost of the card, I have bills to pay.

  • Flash with Protean Hulk - Different packages contain different combos. Some just have Academy Rector / Sidisi's Faithful to pull Aluren early with Shrieking Drake , and others have elaborate win conditions with 4-5 cards to win on the spot. I believe both win-conditions have too many dead cards that aren't useful during the game (i.e. Flash and Academy Rector ). The elaborate win-con route is guilty of having even more dead cards while being weak to graveyard hate ( Karmic Guide / Saffi Eriksdotter ) and ETB hate.

  • Dramatic Reversal imprinted on Isochron Scepter - Much weaker than our current combos and also gets completely shut off if the scepter gets removed.
  • There are some flexible spots in the deck to add in cards to help disrupt your meta. It's important to note that my meta is ever changing, so my deck is made to be for a blind match-up, meaning Carpet of Flowers might be useless some games and other cards may be more viable. Below I'll explain some cards you can substitute out. There is a full list of cards you can substitute in above in the decklist (maybeboard) and a full list of cards that are flexible and can be removed (non-essential).

    Non-essential cards:
  • Collector Ouphe - Normally disrupts opponents in a blind meta, but is not essential if you need a flex spot.

  • Earthcraft - A decent card that can be explosive with Shrieking Drake , but relies on a decent board state to be viable.

  • Containment Priest - Meta-specific inclusion for me, but you should consider it a flexible spot.

  • Drift of Phantasms - Great tutor us, but can be dropped for more stax if you feel like you need to be more proactive with your plays.

  • Deafening Silence - Verdict still isn't out on this for me. It's a great card for a creature-heavy deck, but doesn't allow us to use any counterspells once we drop some of our non-creature combo pieces.

  • Grand Abolisher - The deck tends to rely on going off on one turn and this can protect us, but we also have Silence and Ranger-Captain of Eos .

  • Will update this list as I playtest the deck even more (12/19/2019)


    There are many other wonderful deck creators that have built other variants of Chulane, and you should check them out to see which style fits you more:

  • Spleenface - Chulane CIA (cEDH Chulane Primer) - cEDH that uses a win-conless strategy
  • tribal-kai - Chulane's Dorky Combo Funhouse - cEDH Food Chain and labman
  • Xingact - Chulane Aluren Elfball [Primer] - cEDH Elf ball (has budget version)
  • SufferFromEDHD - Chuland Lock - cEDH stax
  • DINOSAURS65556 - Chulane $200 food chain combo - $200 Budget Food Chain
  • OminousDoc - Chulane Hulk [["Budget" cEDH]] - $300 Budget Flash Hulk
  • The_Mormonator - Barebones Chulane - $50 Barebones budget
  • I am happy to answer any questions or discuss any potential new card inclusions if you leave comment. There is also a discord specifically for talking about Chulane here: In this discord you can discuss casual decks, specific combos, share decklists, and just generally talk about the commander. Most questions you can think of probably has been discussed in the discord already, so do a quick search to see what has been said. We would be happy to have you!
    Please upvote to show your support!
    If you have any suggestions or questions about card choices please comment below!


    Updates Add

    With the upcoming Theros set we are seeing a drastic shift in the cEDH meta to Fish Hulk with Thassa's Oracle making hulk decks extremely powerful. I will not make any immediate changes to combat this until the EDH Rules Committee confirms they are taking no action. My hope is a ban on Flash .

    Pending changes:

  • Laboratory Maniac to Thassa's Oracle - A much better win condition that is great outside of the combo. Labman being a garbage card early game was making me teeter on removing it, but Oracle opens up a better line of play.

  • Winds of Rebuke to Destiny weaver - Winds has been pretty useless with us having Walking Ballista to finish. Weaver has great stats, stax, and active for the deck. Overall, a solid card.
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