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Cccombo Damage

Standard Aggro Budget



Just having a little fun with Prowess and pump spells.


Bloodwater Entity - suck it, mini Fatal Push!

Glorybringer - suck it, low-damage board wipes!

Nimble-Blade Khenra - suck it, Magma Spray!

Soul-Scar Mage - suck it, mana-starved opening hands!

Stormchaser Mage - suck it, Magma Spray (again!)!

Instants & Sorceries & Enchantments:
All are kept as mana-cheap and as card-drawing as possible. The only one that doesn't really feel like it's pulling its own weight here is Shock, but I'm not sure what should replace it. Cartouche of Knowledge, maybe?

Mana Base:
I'm cheap, so no Spirebluff Canal yet. Definitely not Aether Hub. I tried that guy in here with no energy creating cards and very quickly saw how bad it can be =(

Right now it's set up for transitioning into a "leave up some blue to make 'em nervous" almost-control. I'm not positive that that is the correct direction to take, since then you're triggering prowess on their turn. Burn is probably better unless you know your opponent's deck exceptionally well? We'll see how that goes. Beyond the control it's just about wiping tokens that pop up and/or dropping in a couple more mid-game dragon bombs.

Experience so far:
I actually out-raced a couple of mono black zombie decks! I beat Temur energy on turn 6 with only ever drawing 2 mana! This deck is very draw dependent, though. While you can get underneath slower decks, it's a pretty miserable matchup against the Abrade-carrying RDW. I've had some mono-white decks speed their way to a sky full of angels, and that's going to shut this down as well. All said, it's cheap & fun & just as inconsistent as most good jank is. Maybe it's worth re-evaluating to add in a little more RDW to get off the ground faster.


I tried out Cartouche of Knowledge and even at 2 CMC it ruled pretty hard. Innate card draw is everything in this deck.

-2x Shock
+2x Cartouche of Knowledge


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