Hello community,

I am currently struggling with finding the right cards and ratios for my Black/Green goodstuff deck.

The deck will be used in a rather casual environment, and as such we basically play legacy, and the games won't exactly be fast or combo-heavy. In fact, expensive big beaters are completely acceptable.

The deck itself tries to be a goodstuff deck with strong green creatures and strong black spells, so a simple principle with a lot of autonomous and flexible cards that still synergize together and make every game exciting and different with a lot of interaction and often big finales with powerful smashers.

While the color combination of black and green is basically predestined for a lot of graveyard revival and there will be a fair share of it, I am not trying to be too focused on the graveyard and instead just trying to treat it like an alternate resource to fuel some cards. I'm also not too much of a fan of "cheating" out strong creatures by instantly dropping them into the graveyard, then reviving them.

One card in particular I like is Jarad's Orders. It feels really strong, albeit somewhat expensive (which is why I only run 3 and not 4), both searching for the exact answer to the current board situation as well as dropping something massive into my graveyard that can revive itself, making this essentially a 4 cmc tooth and nails (without the entwine effect though). It also lets me run a lot of one-ofs so I can get the bigger beaters when I need them without them taking a lot of space in my deck or potentially clogging my hands.

In my deck, I try to fulfill certain roles with my cards, and while I know what roles I want to fulfill, I am not sure which cards are best for each role and also what ratios work best. Currently the roles my deck wants to fulfill are:

Creatures that protect me early on and ramp stuff up (Deathrite, Jadelight, Finks)

Creatures that can control the game and generate advantage for a decent mana cost, and usually my first targets for Jarad's Orders (Thragtusk, Cavalier of Thorns, Verdurous Gearhulk)

Big bad green beaters when I have an abundance of mana (Carnage Tyrant, Grafwidow)

Creatures to dump in the grave with Jarad's Orders (Hogaak, Golgari Grave-Troll)

Creatures that support me throug the later parts of the game without costing much mana (Scavenging Ooze, Eternal Witness, Tasigur)

With my other spells, I want to support my deck and disrupt the opponent. As such I want:

Ramp to get into the game faster (Cultivate)

Destruction spells (Doom Blade, Vraskas Contempt, Maelstrom Pulse)

Tutor spells (Jarad's Orders, Grisly Salvage)

Revival spells (Life/Death, Vigor Mortis)

Disruption (Recurring Nightmare)

as well as the two Planeswalkers and lands.

What I am currently struggling with is finding potential better spells for certain roles (like ramp) and maybe finding some consistency boosters. Cards like Tarmogoyf, Assassins Trophy or Dark Confidant are far out of my price range though (especially since I'd want a full playset of them, not just a 1-of like Hogaak).

There have been multiple different versions of the deck I have thought about. One was a delirium-focused version with a good deal of self-destructing artifacts and enchantments as well as evolving wilds (I still run two delirium cards, but I'm not planning to trigger them right away). Grim Flayer would boost the consistency of the deck, and running 4x Traverse the Ulvenwald with an early delirium is powerful (and Mindwrack Demon gives everything a good punch). However, not running any Tarmogoyfs felt like it would weaken that iteration far more and stiffen the deck, making it less of a pure goodstuff.

Another one packed two Eldrazi, Thought-Knot Seer and World Breaker, alongside Tainted Woods instead of Woodland Cementary (cutting the cementaries for tainted woods would save enough money for a Thought-Knot Seer), but it would force me to increase the ratios of my swamps. Nonetheless this is a version I do like, but not having Eldrazi temples felt a little unreliable.

These are my thoughts about the deck so far, I hope you like it and can help me with my issues.


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