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Basically this is a deck that i've been toying with and building over 2 years. I havn't put serious money into it, so don't be too mean. But i am looking for criticism.



BIG_Z111 says... #1

I'm a fairly big goblins fan (I play goblins in legacy, casual, modern, and standard when they are good) so i should be able to offer some constructive criticism. now i understand this is a casual deck so I wont try to completely change it, I'm just going to offer some suggestions for cards I think should be cut and cards that I think should go in. feel free to take or leave any suggestion. I would take out all of the enchantments, the reason behind this is because if you are trying to create a board pump or lord effect then there are better ways to do it try goblin chieftain he is goon as a lord effect and he has a 2?2 body that does more work than an enchantment sitting around. I would also cut the hoard of boggarts, the mogg sentry, the rekless ones, and the taurean maulers. things i think you should put in instead are more goblin lackeys, more goblin ringleaders and some goblin matrons. here is the thing about goblins, everyone tries to treat it like a hyper aggressive deck but in fact it is not (playing legacy goblins taught me that) so don't teat it like a supper aggro build goblins are best described as a mid range creature based deck the point of goblins is that you wan to have a board presence that is threatening and big enough to get you there and win but what separates the great goblins players from the chumps is that the great players never overextend there board presence. You want to know when you have enough guys on the field to apply enough pressure to win, and never just dump everybody out there. it is important to always keep your hand full enough so that if your side of the field gets wrecked you can quickly rebuild in the next few turns to keep the pressure on, and there is the greatest strength of goblins the ability to rebound from board wipes and bad beats like it is all part of the plan. If you want a reference here is a link to my legacy goblins build http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/the-gobo-brigade/

June 3, 2013 11:16 p.m.

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