Cascading Energy Storm


What’s up everybody and welcome to my deck-tech of an interesting card: yedris, maelstrom wielder build based around the energy mechanic Yenergy if you will (working Title). Anyways a while ago I built a highly tuned combo-tastic version of yedris and my play group got rather…. “tired” of it. So, my old pal Yedris sat around in a box until recently I was looking through my standard binder at Aetherworks Marvel and said “hey, this would be a cool build around”. So, I did I took all my soon to be rotating out standard energy cards and began to build a deck.

When I first put the deck together I of course built card; Atraxa, praetor’s voice because of her poliferate mechanic. Proliferate works well with some creatures wanting +1+1 counters but the creatures that want them are rather small and need to attack to get value which is not a valid strategy. Also, Atraxa is rather slow with -you’re better off having Winding Constrictor in play; this deck can make so much that one extra a turn isn’t that great. The other problem with Atraxa is some of the best cards are red and Atraxa isn’t; all while white only has like 2. Next, I put together a sweet 5 color using card: Ramos the dragon engine. But again, the deck was a bit too slow and I found my self durdling around most games staring at my phone. And then it finally clicked, yedris’s cascade ability would give this deck the slight edge that we need to storm the field and create the massive stock pile of we need.
The goal of this deck was never to be a highly tunable completive combo deck; I already have too many of those. Instead I wanted to create a fun casual deck to play with my friends that’s all value. Recently my personal playgroup has grown a lot with new players who play with jank good stuff or slightly upgraded pre-cons and it just wasn’t fun for them when most of my decks are tuned and powerful. This deck is set up to just get value and win some of the times. If you must win don’t play this version, but if you want to have fun, and play good ol’ kitchen table magic then you would probably enjoy Y . With that said the deck is tuned to be a strong 5 maybe 6. It can hold its own against most non- combo decks. Play your cards right and most games you will have a chance to win.
The deck is straight forward, its built entirely around the energy mechanic from the kaldash block which is a unique build for commander. As previously mentioned I got the idea from aetherworks marvel (So good it was banned in standard) and my love for playing temur and grixis energy this last standard season. The basic Idea is to ramp yedris out on turn 3 attack on turn 4 and cast 1-2 spells to get the cascade trigger flooding the board with small creatures and getting lots of . The mana curve for the deck is very cheap because storming the field is key; the more we can get early the better our chances we have in the late game. With all the generated we can either pump some creatures, create thopters or just simply get value (Aether works Marvel Gonti’s Aether heart). Normally isn’t a well-used machinic because it’s a non-renewable resource but with an entire deck built around it, you can easily build up an entire stockpile of . The hardest part of playing yedris is understanding and maximizing the cascade ability. Deciding what to play at the right time can be hard. I always suggest playing a 2 drop first to maybe hit a tutor and put something on top of our library to then cascade into. Also, our mana curve is low so don’t expect for our 6 drops to hit massively powerful 5 drops, most likely we will hit a small 2 drops. On top if you can remember the cards that have been revealed via cascade you can calculate the chances of hitting what you need…. Or you can just ignore all of this and just play a fun game of magic. LOL.
Because energy is a strange mechanic we are playing some less powerful cards to get more value late game. Glimmer of genius and live fast are over costed card draw spells but creating the is worth it. Same goes for removal such as die young and harnessed lightning. our creature pool is also a lot weaker because most of the energy producing creatures aren’t super powerful outside of standard and 1v1 match ups
Okay so this deck is just a value deck cast spells- get hopefully cascade to more - use on our payoffs to get value so, winning isn’t every game scenario. To win normally I cast triumph of the hordes with a rather large board or just a huge electrostatic pummeler or another big creature. Sometimes lightning runner can give us another combat step to kill another person with infect. The deck relies on 2 main pieces to create a large board; whirler virtuoso and architect of the untamed. Both creatures turn our reserves to creatures. Without triumph of the hordes all we can do is beat down our opponents and try to out value them hence the “Fun” not competitive aspect of this deck. Finally, the “easiest” way to win is a rather strange infinite combo built into the deck. It’s hard to get to or assemble all the pieces but it’s awesome once it gets going. Its built around the previous mentioned creatures; whirler virtuoso and architect of the untamed. And it goes like this. The first combo is the simplest- Built around whirler virtuoso and its token ability. The pieces needed are a few but not all of the following : Winding Constrictor- always gives us an extra : Panharmonicon - Doubles ETB Effects : Gonti’s Aether Heart –2 for artifacts ETB (Thopters are artifacts) : Decoction Module – 1 for creature ETB (thopters are creatures) The loop: Pay 3 with whirler virtuoso – Create a thopter- Have either Gonti’s Aether Heart or : Decoction Module- Get - Have Winding Constrictor and/or panharmonicon to double are - Make 3+ to produce the loop infinite times creating infinite thopters. Then either use Gonti’s Aether Heart to take an extra turn and attack or use Spontaneous Artist to give them all haste- (Roll Credits) The next combo is a lot harder because it requires 6 energies because of architect of the untamed ability. We pretty much need all the pieces listed above to get there, but if you do it is quite awesome.
One of the best things about an energy deck is all the energy cards are really cheap making this a fun budget deck. You can easily get all of the pieces to having a functional deck for under $75. However, with that said since I own a lot of magic cards I put some relativity expensive cards in here that just make the deck better- Sylvian library, Rystic study, Sinsies Divining Top, Phyrexian Arena, Chromatic lantern, Demonic tutor, Worldly tutor Etc. Those cards simply make the deck better but don’t necessarily ruin it. The next budget consideration is the mana base. A four-color mana base is harder to build and is always more expensive because you’re not playing basic lands. You will notice that up top I only put basics but I put my personal mana base in the May board My more budget oriented cards are in the Acquire Board.
Building a proper 4 color mana base can be challenging and expensive. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out exactly what You want but here is mine. 6 shock lands- $Pricy but worth it to be able to play things on curve. 6 Check lands- Again more expensive but non- tapped dual lands are important 6 Temples (scry lands) – enter tapped but synergize well will yedris 3 Battle bond lands- Don’t enter tapped when playing multiplayer games 4 tri color lands – Enter tapped but the mana fixing is nice. 4 any land- great for color fixing 6 basic lands- cheap and good for the check lands 1 reliquary Tower- because it’s just a good card

Well guys thanks for looking I hope you enjoyed this read and enjoy this deck interested to see what people think Thanks


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