What's the good of having mastery over cosmic balance and knowing the secrets of fate if you can't blow something up?

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This is a deck that indiscriminately affects both players. We make it our goal to level the playing field, and make sure those aggressive, low-to-the-ground decks get a massive reset.

We are a deck that revolves around Restore Balance.

Since we are the masters of chaos and order, we may take a few liberties at turning what seems to be an equally disadvantageous spell like Restore Balance into our favour by utilizing Greater Gargadon. Since Restore Balance has a CMC of 0, we aim to cheat it out into play by abusing the Cascade mechanic with Violent Outburst or Ardent Plea, as well as the newer As Foretold.

In response to our cascading into Restore Balance, we ought to have our Greater Gargadon suspended from play, and so we can sacrifice our lands to remove its counters, thus turning down its clock and forcing our opponent to wipe their landbase. Since we won't have creatures in play, we also ensure their boardstate is equally barren.

So how do we get ahead? By using the Borderposts from the Alara block! Balance doesn't hit artifacts, and so we can retain those mana rocks so that we are much farther ahead of our opponent, who presumably does not have anything in play.


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