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Carrion Feeder based zombie deck.

It's a deck that is designed to be a pseudo zombardment deck. Now without Goblin Bombardment in modern we have to improvise a little. The deck uses Diregraf Captain and Plague Belcher to siphon your opponents life. Undead Augur is our new card drawing friend and great for rebounding off a mass removal spell. We have Metallic Mimic as our pseudo 2 mana zombie lord who also enables all of our insta kill or near insta kill combos with Putrid Goblin . (The persist trigger washes itself out with mimic's +1/+1 counter) Gravecrawler is our secondary option for T1 if we don't hit the best zombie at our disposal in Carrion Feeder .

Combo kills: Carrion Feeder + Metallic Mimic + Putrid Goblin = infinite counters on Feeder if you are on T3 you can pull this off for an instant kill if they have no blockers or removal.

Add in Diregraf Captain or Plague Belcher and you will ping your opponent infinite damage in case you need to play around Ensnaring Bridge .

Notes: If there's an exile effect hitting one of your creatures like path to exile and you have Carrion Feeder out, remember you can sac to feeder in response, even himself. You run enough reanimation spells it should work out fine.

ALSO a line to remember if you have a feeder out and are targeting Belcher's etb ability you can just sac in response and the etb is satisfied but the card goes to a better cause. DONT let Putrid Goblin targeted by Belcher resolve sacrifice it to Feeder if you can. Even if you have metallic mimic out it wont bring it back since it would have died with a -1/-1 on it so be proactive feed your carrion. (not trying to be snarky here just a really important line to remember)


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