Oathbreaker deck for the gorgon queen of the undercity.

Functions as a singleton golgari aristocrats deck.

Signature spell doesn't hit high-cmc targets often, but does help recover aristocrats pieces that died before you could get value off of them once your board state is improved.

Goal is to answer combo pieces and immediate threats with removal or Vraska while building up a boardstate.

Destroying your opponents' defense options, like prison effects, to encourage other players to attack them instead of you is also valid.

Once you have a few creatures, death becomes a resource, as creature death drains life, gets you tokens, or draws you cards depending on what pieces you've managed to get onto the board.

Eating lands with Vraska's +2 is fine, as the deck is mostly low cmc, but ideally you want to eat creatures for value and synergy.

If you manage to reach Vraska's ultimate, you will often have a wide board state to deliver a lethal punch to poorly defended players with your smaller creatures, but it is not necessary for the deck.

(Bontu is probably sub-optimal as a sac outlet and a beater, but she's my only masterpiece card, so I was very happy to finally have a deck where she functions.)


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