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Capitalism - A Harmless Offering

Modern Casual Combo Control RBW (Mardu) Theme/Gimmick


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Always read the fine print...

A Caricature

I really do not want to describe, which card could be seen in what way. Just look at the deck. Suffice it to say, the deck begot the name and not the other way around. The only thing that really is an 'interpretation' are the custom tags I created to kinda frame the cards to make the more approachable for this way of thought. A stepping stone in a way.

Why do I not write my opinion this subject? I do not like politic infested discussions in zones not dedicated to it. My tags are already infringing the border for me a bit. So why do I post this thing at all? To show what is able with Magic - on accident. Also thinking on a topic, even multiple times is valueable and helps to define a matter, reevalue it or simply to reflect. Keeps the neck from getting stiff.

Why play this? It looks nasty and not even competetive.

The deck in on itself is not fun. It is your task to make your opponents and you have a good time. Thankfully, the deck makes it pretty easy for you, because you are playing unusual cards in a setting that provides a feeling, so just look above and act on it. Be the buisness men and command your goons to carry out your order to make a Harmless Offering or bestow the Anger of the Gods.
You may have got the feeling, that this deck is for 'funnsies' and you would be right. Take this to FNM for the evening to have a fun time, but do not expect to be in the top eight. Every aggro deck preys on you and one counter is enough to make you lose. You are also slower, more unprotected and predictable than other combos, because Demonic Pact and Harmless Offering are on one coin on the same side. Play this deck in a multiplayer round, free for all or King for example. A friendly tip; you play the cards nobody likes, so only aim them at the target, that is 'winning' or annoying everyone. Be the equalizer. Be the buisnessman.

Dude?! Why these cards?

Harmless Offering + Demonic Pact ... duh.

On a finer note. The names of both cards are classy and cheeky, the effects are unique and the results are final and coming with a feeling of impending doom. You offer someone to lose. With no choice. No way out. How cool is that? Very cool. I know.

Aggressive Mining and Goblin Dark-Dwellers - Redundancy and ... a thematic hit. Practically creates itself.

"You can't play lands." - How disgusting. Like, they can try and dig for answers, but they debiliate themselves. Also, this card is a caricature itself (props to Markus Perrson). Ecologic matters are no joke. They are not infinte.
Look at those dudes. Dark-Dwellers. Costly to hire, but they come with skills. Evasive. Lethal. Resourceful. And all in the legal realm. So skilled, that they are able to make a Harmless Offering.
On a serious note; redundancy, not playing what you want to play creates frustration. I could have used Jace's Ingenuity, but that is so bland. Or Diabolic Tutor. That one might actually still make it...

Terminate, Hero's Downfall, Anger of the Gods and End Hostilities - There are rebels and then there are unionists.

Destroy. An Explanation needed? The Goblin Dark-Dwellers are also able to utilize them. The latter was included, because my playgroup playes with equipments. Many of them.

Deflecting Palm - My lawyers are good and there adjustments are great.

Not as goood as a Fog, but makes it up with the surprise factory and the lethal results. Seriously, this thing circumvents Protection, Shroud and Hexproof. Only damage prevention and a counter are able to stop this.

Wall of Omens and War Priest of Thune - Why would you want to change a system?! It works.

The Wirtschaftsweisen (the economic wise men) are not leading the system, but they predict the signs. The Unionists live in the system, accept it largely and want to 'like living in it'.
These are aside from the End Hostilities the main reasons to play white. They keep us in game. Either by not making it easy to kill us or get us rid of Demonic Pact gone bad. Ghostly Prison might also be worth a thought.

Temple of Silence, Temple of Triumph and Temple of Malice - Experince pays off.

If only you had the ability to scry for real. Like in the real world. Nothing happening by chance.

Nomad Outpost - I went out of ideas.

It fits and like a real favela you would cut it for something better immediatly. So cold.

Swamp, Mountain and Plains - So basic. I hate Blood Moon.

Maybe cut a few for Nephalia Academy . People need to learn the buisness somewhere?


They are welcome, but only inside the Mardu colors. Make them fit the theme and not distort the picture, so make a case for them! :)
Also upvotes are nice, if you like it!


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