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Modern* Aggro Combo GW (Selesnya)


Hungry Bird - Birds of Paradise+Sword of Feast and Famine

Angry Bird - Birds of Paradise+Sword of War and Peace

This is my current Standard deck.

Get your creatures out quickly and make the opponent use removal on the lesser creatures instead of the bigger ones!

Turn 3 Hero of Bladehold adds a lot pressure for immediate response.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to leave a comment. +1 if you like! :D


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~~~~~Round 1~~~~~
Deck: Bant Pod
Record: 2-0

~~~~~Round 2~~~~~
Deck: R/G Aggro
Record: 2-0

~~~~~Round 3~~~~~
Deck: Red Deck Wins
Record: 2-1

~~~~~Round 4~~~~~
Deck: U/B Zombies
Record: 2-1

<>~<>~<>Top 8<>~<>~<>
Deck: Same RDW as Round 3
Record: 2-1

<>~<>~<>~<>Top 4<>~<>~<>~<>
Rolled Dice
Record: 2-0

<>~<>~<>~<>~<>Top 2<>~<>~<>~<>~<>
Rolled Dice
Record: 2-1

Placed 1st out of 17. Much smaller crowd than usual, but still a good night :)

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