CALL THE HORDES!!! The blatantly obvious point of this deck is to eat the opposition alive with zombies.The deck is made to get and buff a horde of zombie tokens, and I would like to keep it at 60 cards. Most cards that are really expensive, being above $5 usually, are in the mabeyboard. I would appreciate any comments or help you could give, and a +1 upvote would be nice, but is not needed.


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Whilst I wont say any specific cards for this update, i'll say what essentially happened. The cards have been moved into custom organization,so those of you viewing know which cards do what. I also moved most expensive cards that would be nice to have to the mabeyboard, so that the deck, whilst expensive, wouldn't be to expensive compared to beforehand. I also switched around quite a few cards, and gave the deck some more ways to get mana, to hopefully speed it up.


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