What would Ertai Do? He wouldn't run counterspells for one thing because he could do it himself.

Got tired of my local Commander group starting off with fun decks and then someone has to introduce a control deck and I need to ask permission to put a Zombie on the field. The point of this deck is not so much to win but to make opponents quit. Nothing's better than watching someone's face as you're down to two life and just as they're going in for the kill, you drop Ad Nauseam and Teferi's Protection . Then on the start of your turn, crap everything you own onto the field.

This deck started off as a Esper Zombie deck with the release of Amonkhet's white Zombies but then Solemnity was spoiled, different ideas of brewing with Mikaeus, the Unhallowed or Cauldron of Souls to give me a true army of the undead. The downside of using Solemnity was that it would turn off a lot of my other cards like Black Market or Everflowing Chalice. Although I could now infinitely sack Gravecrawler to Phyrexian Altar I wanted to see what other cards I could "turn off". I started introducing "No you cannot do that" cards and changing the deck to work around the locks removing all my ETBs, mana rocks, etc until it's present-day incarnation.

This is definitely a Land, Go deck and a political one. Put out the linchpins too early with no way to protect them and you're screwed. The trick is to find the right lock pieces to play at the right time without appearing to dangerous. Stony Silence and Linvala, Keeper of Silence generally make people want to kill you but a well timed Torpor Orb or Solemnity can generate temporary alliances. Cataclysm, Fortunate Few and Balancing Act help slow the game down and restore the board state to equal terms while I slowly build my setup.

The biggest weakness is burn decks, or token decks and of course a Bojuka Bog can ruin my day. Also a weakness, is my Mana Base. I'm not running any mana rocks unless you count Serra's Sanctum, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx or Ancient Tomb. The average CMC is a hefty 3.5 however, if you take into account the Plug-n-play cards most of which like Shauku, Endbringer I don't cast or card:Omniscence and Decree of Silence which I always tease in, my CMC is 3.07.

I've made some major changes, primarily removing all counter spells, restoring some Plug-n-Play components and Land changes. Additionally, I've put in some "Resiliency" pieces and spell protection.

There is one major infinite combo, the Perpetual Motion machine (See Below) that can be used with various Plug-n-Play components to do various different things.

I wanted to build a deck that could win but wasn't a cookie cutter deck either. You'll notice I have no removals, no traditional wraths, limited draw and limited token generation. I am also playing Ertai without Reassembling Skeleton or Gravecrawler, or Bitterblossom etc. I think this helps as opponents are kept guessing as to what I am doing and my board state doesn't appear dangerous. As such, the deck is 70 to 80% casual, primarily because it is slow out of the gate.

I'm still hurting on card advantage. It seems that I only get card advantage cards when I already have card advantage. I tried Phyrexian Arena but it was too erratic. Search for azcanta is not pulling its weight and I am considering Pull from Tomorrow or Mystic Remora as replacements.

Also considering Grand Abolisher to further degrade opponent's ability to play magic but I'm trying to keep creatures required to be on the battlefield to a minimum.

Considering March of the Machines since I have no ability to interact with opponent's artifacts aside from bouncing. This would make Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, Linvala, Keeper of Silence, Merieke Ri Berit, Minion of Leshrac, Shauku, Endbringer, Soul Sculptor even more relevant and give me additional sack fodder for Ertai. But, I have limited artifact recursion and I'm concerned it could hurt me as it works both ways (i.e. Torpor Orb is a 2/2 creature and Grafdigger's Cage is a 1/1).

Fatestitcher + Necrotic Ooze + Pili-Pala

Note: that for Perpetual Motion combo you need a "taps for two land" unless Training Grounds is in play. I'll use Soldevi Excavations for the examples but Serra's Sanctum, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx (with constraints), Lotus Vale or Ancient Tomb (with constraints) can be used in lieu of Soldevi Excavations. I was previously using taps for two bounce lands but they were hindering my ability to get a good mana base set up.

This is a template for a self-feeding combo that can be used with one (or more) of several creatures. Requires Necrotic Ooze and Soldevi Excavations on the field and Fatestitcher and Pili-Pala in the yard. In addition, requires whatever creature, we want to combo with in the yard - see the next section "Plug-n-Play".

  1. (a) Necrotic Ooze as (Creature X) to do Y. (b) Soldevi Excavations to add . (c) Necrotic Ooze as (Pili-Pala) to add . (d) Necrotic Ooze as (Fatestitcher) to untap Soldevi Excavations. (e) Soldevi Excavations to add . (f). Necrotic Ooze as (Pili-Pala) to add .

  2. At this point, Necrotic Ooze is untapped, Soldevi Excavations is tapped and our mana pool is . Necrotic Ooze as (Fatestitcher) to untap Soldevi Excavations and then, Necrotic Ooze as (Pili-Pala) with the floating to restore Necrotic Ooze and Soldevi Excavations to their starting state. A by product is we have a floating mana.

  3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until desired end-state is reached.

Some of the Plug-n-Play creatures, like Temporal Adept require mana in addition to activate their abilities. In that event, just repeat Steps 1 until the necessary amount/color of mana is in the pool (in addition to the needed to untap Necrotic Ooze.

Some lands can also be used with the Perpetual Motion setup:

  1. Soldevi Excavations - infinite scry, i.e. infinite tutor.

  2. Mistveil Plains - infinite recursion.

Plug any of the below into the Perpetual Motion combo by putting them in the yard.

  1. Arcanis the Omnipotent - draw. Additionally, provides an out through the second ability if Necrotic Ooze is being hit with an exile spell etc.

  2. Shauku, Endbringer - exile all opponent's creatures.

  3. Temporal Adept - bounce everything opponents own, including lands.

  4. Banshee - Kill players/planeswalkers. Works best with Delaying Shield on the field

  5. Merieke Ri Berit - take opponent's creatures. Note that since the Ooze is doing the taking, it can untap and I still keep their creatures

  6. Minion of Leshrac - destroy opponent's Lands and/or creatures.

  7. Magus of the Disk - wipe the board, really good agaisnt token decks.

  8. Soul of New Phyrexia - indestructible permanents for use with Magus of the Disk or Fortunate Few.

  9. Lich Lord of Unx - provide tokens for Ertai, the Corrupted. Can also be used to mill and kill.

  10. Cinderhaze Wretch - force discard of opponent's hands. Can also be used in conjunction with Shauku, Endbringer if Solemnity is not on the field.

  11. Soul Sculptor - dual purpose, temporarily disable opponent's creatures or make my immune from wraths. Can also be used to pump up Serra's Sanctum.

  12. Ertai, the Corrupted - when used in conjunction with Lich Lord of Unx can infinitely counter spells.

Infinite Mana: Adds infinite mana of your choice(es). Uses the Perpetual Motion setup. In Step 2, we are left with a floating mana. Continuing the process, every step produces 1 mana of any color.

Infinite Tokens 1: Uses the Perpetual Motion setup with Lich Lord of Unx in the yard. Once you have generated , use to create a 1/1 card:Zombie Wizard. Do so to your heart's desire. Once, you have enough tokens, use Lich Lord of Unx's second ability to mill and kill your opponents.

Infinite Tokens 2: Arcanis the Omnipotent+Mind Over Matter+Zombie Infestation+Library of Leng. Generates infinite 2/2 card:Zombie tokens. Arcanis the Omnipotent to draw three cards. Discard one to Mind Over Matter to Arcanis the Omnipotent then discard two to cardZombie Infestation to create a Zombie token. With Library of Leng, the cards are discarded to the top of your library and can be draw and discarded until a desired number of Zombies are on the field.

Much Wailing & Gnashing of Teeth: Not a combo so much as a setup. Get one or more of these out and your opponents will begin thinking about quitting.

  1. Lockdown: There are multiple levels of lockdown (a well timed Morality Shift, Replenish can put them all on the field at once). Limit ETBs with Torpor Orb, spells with Solemnity and Decree of Silence, creature activated abilities with Linvala, Keeper of Silence, recursion/flashback with Grafdigger's Cage and mana rocks with Stony Silence. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite removes a lot pesky creatures from the field. If you can get Kormus Bell and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth out, opponents cannot even tap lands for mana (due to Linvala, Keeper of Silence).

At this point the only harm could come from opponent's permanents already on the field especially attacking creatures and "Leaves Play" triggers. I want to find a spot for Azorius Guildmage to help against Planeswalkers as well as the spoiled Artifact but as of yet, haven't found slot for them.

  1. Invincibility: card:Solemnity+Phyrexian Unlife+Delaying Shield. Solemnity and Phyrexian Unlife allows for negative life with no poison counters. With Delaying Shield no damage is taken (i.e. Commander Damage).

  2. Biblical Plague: All opponents permanents (including lands) are returned to hand. Requires the Perpetual Motion setup and Temporal Adept in the yard. Pay , Necrotic Ooze (as Temporal Adept) to bounce target permanent. Pay Necrotic Ooze (as Pili-Pala) for .Execute Step 1 5x to generate . Execute Step 2 to bounce target, we currently have . For the remaining bounces, we only need to execute Step 1 4x due to the leftover . Throw in Cinderhaze Wretch and make them discard everything in their hands.

  3. Wasteland: Smite everyone with the Biblical Plague and then put out the Lockdown.

Barf: Morality Shift + Replenish Requires sybmol:7sybmol:B so it's difficult to pull off without Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx or perpetual motion. Will also only work if most enchantments are still in the library. Switch the library with the graveyard via Morality Shift then barf out all the enchantments with Replenish. Good way to put the lockdown on the field all at once. Only problem of course is drawing yourself out. Help's if you have Mistveil Plains already on the field in order to recur Morality Shift and put everything back into your library.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite + Kormus Bell + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

Very difficult to setup unless opponents are not paying attention or just leaving you alone. Put Kormus Bell and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth in play. All lands are Swamps and all Swamps are creatures. Linvala, Keeper of Silence on the field means opponents cannot tap lands for mana. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite on the field kills all opponent's Lands.

Not necessarily a Win Con but should help in putting me there
  1. Throw down Cataclysm, keeping any taps for two or more lands, Necrotic Ooze and Starfield of Nyx. If I have the infinite mana combo in the yard, I will be able to recover faster than opponents.

  2. Magus of the Disk + Soul of New Phyrexia or Fortunate Few + Soul of New Phyrexia . Use Magus of the Disk or Fortunate Few to wipe the board. Make my stuff indestructible with Soul of New Phyrexia and opponents are left with a severely degraded board state.

  3. Teferi's Protection+Catalysm or Balancing Act + Teferi's Protection . Teferi's Protection is a wonderful hate card. Tap for enough mana, throw out card:Catalysm or Balancing Act then Teferi's Protection . If you have a good setup with Leyline of Anticipation and Omniscience you can do wonders stacking Ad Nauseam then Cataclysm then Teferi's Protection at the end turn immediately preceding yours.

Ad Nauseam + Teferi's Protection

  1. At end step of opponent's turn, cast Ad Nauseam followed by Teferi's Protection. I put my library minus one into my hand. On my turn drop Omniscience on the field. Depending on what's in the yard, the easiest way to accomplish this is have Zombie Infestation and Library of Leng on the field first. Discard all your enchantments via Zombie Infestation and cast Replenish. If Taigam, Ojutai Master is on the field, Replenish cannot be countered. Now, destroy opponent's board state.

  2. Some opponents still don't want to quit at this point because it still looks like a draw could be achieved through sheer willpower. (a) With Starfield of Nyx, all my enchantments are creatures. Plus, withElesh Norn, Grand Cenobite they get +2/+2. It won't take long for a 13/13 Omniscience to do the trick. (b) With Kormus Bell, all my lands are creatures and also get +3/+3. Sunken Hollow has now killed two opponents. (c) Finally, Dark Depths is a possible 22/22 flying indestructible beast.

I list below the reasoning behind my non-Land card choices along with any synergies they may have. Cards are listed alphabetically.

  1. Ad Nauseam One of the primary win-cons. Use to draw my library and subsequently crap all the lock pieces on the field. Synergies with Teferi's Protection or Phyrexian Unlife (keep in mind though, if you do it this way, you'll have negative life and a spot removal will kill you).

  2. Arcanis the Omnipotent A PnP draw piece. I generally use Arcanis via Necrotic Ooze although if I have Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx on the field, I will sometimes hardcast Arcanis for the devotion to Blue. Synergizes with Mind Over Matter, Library of Leng and Zombie Infestation for infinite draw, discard, Zombie tokens.

  3. Balancing Act A Hate piece. Awesome synergy with Teferi's Protection to force opponents to quit. Works well without Teferi's Protection as my board state matures slowly and this helps "reset" everybody.

  4. Banshee A PnP damage piece. Useful for Planeswalkers or player removal. Of course without the immortality package on the field, hurts me as well. This card is still under review. I think Vault of the Archangel or Whip of Erebos could help (by recouping damage done to me) but replacing one of my cards for one that only works with a specific card doesn't seem smart.

  5. Buried Alive Tutor for PnP for use by Necrotic Ooze also helps thin the deck a little.

  6. Capsize Bounce. Rather expensive with the buyback but works as a good spot removal that Ertai, the Corrupted can counter later. Synergizes with Taigam, Ojutai Master and Omniscience for lower casting cost and with Cinderhaze Wretch for bounce and discard.

  7. Cataclysm Hate piece. Best used when I have the Perpetual Motion setup (Necrotic Ooze, a two-for land or Training Grounds and Fatestitcher and Pili-Pala in the yard thereby reducing opponents to one land whilst I still have infinite mana. However, can also be used in lieu of Balancing Act if an opponent's board state is getting carried away.

  8. Cinderhaze Wretch A PnP piece. I stopped playing this for a while but missed the opportunity it provided to force opponents hell-bent. Mainphase a Cyclonic Rift? No problem - everything back in their hands and now it's in their yards. Not extremely useful on the field itself but if it's an emergency, can force two discards before dying. Synergizes with Shauku, Endbringer (if Solemnity is not on the field, these two pair to provide an exile combo of all non-Hexproof/Shroud creatures opponent's control).

  9. Compulsion Primarily used for draw, it also provides an excellent outlet to discard creatures for Necrotic Ooze or enchantments for Replenish. Additionally, if I have enough cards in hand it serves as a good sack to Ertai. My only problem with it is the discard first. I'd prefer to draw and then discard. Synergizes with Starfield of Nyx - at the end turn prior to mine, discard an enchantment and then at my upkeep, put it on the field

  10. Cyclonic Rift Cannot say enough for the Rift. In more cases then not, I have had to use it in response to attackers being declared (cannot take 50 Cat damage to the face) which leaves at least one opponent the opportunity to recover but, if it saves me for at least one more turn, I'm satisfied. Synergies with Cinderhaze Wretch and Balancing Act.

  11. Decree of Silence Lock piece. To work, needs Solemnity. Also fun to cycle into Starfield of Nyx. This is generally one of those pieces that I like to "crap" out all at once.

  12. Delaying Shield Part of the immortality setup. I had been running Force Bubble but this doesn't "die" and can keep me alive longer than normal. I've been tinkering with the idea of putting more bounce effects into the deck to bounce this card before my upkeep but haven't yet. Synergizes with Solemnity and Phyrexian Unlife.

  13. Demonic Tutor Low cost tutor.

  14. Diabolic Revelation I had originally been running Behold the Beyond as many of my setups require three (or more) cards but for , I can still tutor for two cards and not have to discard my hand. Best saved until I have a good soft-lock going and just need pieces to finish the game or if I have Leyline of Anticipation out and can do it on an opponents end-turn.

  15. Diplomatic Immunity My only protection piece. I like having this one although it does counter out my untap effects via Mind Over Matter and Minamo, School at Water's Edge. If I put it on Ertai and don't have Faces of the Past out I only have one counter spell per turn. On the other hand, I can always sack it to Ertai and If I have Ertai in the yard and the Perpetual Machine setup, it provides good protection with no downside for the Ooze.

  16. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite A toss up between hate and lock. Elesh Norn helps keep those pesky 1/1's with abilities of the field thereby providing a lock of sorts. Her true potential comes out with Kormus Bell and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth on the field - "No lands for you".

  17. Enlightened Tutor Another low cost tutor.

  18. Entomb Not just a low cost tutor, this card is excellent for teasing Omniscience onto the field and also serves to put a missing Plug-n-Play piece in the yard. Synergizes with Starfield of Nyx, Tortured Existence and Necrotic Ooze

  19. Ertai, the Corrupted is my Abjure on a stick. My friends say I should be running Zur but Ertai's attitude is awesome and I love the flavor text that cards referencing Ertai have. Plus, I can use Ertai from the yard with the Ooze.

  20. Faces of the Past Another piece I just put back in and I'm still reviewing it's efficiency/usefulness. Basically only works with Ertai and my ability to produce Wizard tokens via Lich Lord of Unx although it does provide some support against tribal decks. It's almost one of those cards that if I get it out on the field and it's working than I've already won anyway but I'm keeping it for now as a back up to the card:Decree of Silence+Solemnity spell-lock. Synergizes with Ertai, the Corrupted and Lich Lord of Unx.

  21. Fatestitcher Primary component of the Perpetual Motion setup. Can also be useful in tapping possible big swingers before the attack phase.

  22. Fortunate Few Another hate piece like Cataclysm, Balancing Act that can be used to either force opponents to quit or "reset" the board. Synergizes with Teferi's Protection and Soul of New Phyrexia.

  23. Grafdigger's Cage Currently toying between this and Ashes of the Abhorrent . Ashes gives me life gain and is easier for me to recur but the Cage can severely limit/shutdown archetypes like Meren of Clan Nel Toth and Alesha, Who Smiles at Death and/or Green Sun's Zenith andBirthing Pod whereas Ashes doesn't. Not to mention the fact that my Solemnity could give an opponent an edge if they're running Mikaeus, the Unhallowed or some other undying/persist effects. Ashes cannot stop that but the cage can.

  24. Intuition A Buried Alive for enchantments - so many possibilities for fun shenanigans.

  25. Kormus Bell A half Hate half lock card. I have to be careful playing this one. One Wrath and my lands are just as dead as everyone else's.

  26. Leyline of Anticipation Don't think I have to talk about this one.

  27. Library of Leng A one-sided card for the most part. It keeps my library in my hand after an Ad Nauseam but, also allows me to discard cards back to my library in the event opponents do not concede. Synergizes with Tortured Existence, Zombie Infestation, Mind Over Matter and Sickening Dreams. For awhile, I thought about putting in Confessor so I could discard a card with Compulsion to the library and draw the same card netting 1 life in the process.

  28. Lich Lord of Unx A PnP token generator. Synergizes with Ertai, Faces of the Past and Zombie Infestation (I'm still waiting to kill someone the 2nd ability).

  29. Linvala, Keeper of Silence Another lock piece but this card alongside Torpor Orb do more to stop removal of my enchantments than I had originally expected.

  30. Magus of the Disk A PnP wrath. Can be used to reset the board when necessary but really synergizes with Soul of New Phyrexia.

  31. Merieke Ri Berit At the most part, a PnP creature stealer. However, she's is a good piece to throw out early providing some deterence to attacks and even better as a means to force an opponent to use a removal early in the game. Nothing pisses off people more than when you steal their Commander. Only problem is she is a one and done unless I can get Fatestitcher or Minamo out to untap her.

  32. Mind Over Matter I'm pretty sure, I'm not using this effectively. Like Arcanis, it's good for ramping my devotion but it's hard to cast and generally eats up my blue mana leaving me open for a round unless I can leave Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx untapped. I use it primarily to feed my yard but it has come in handy on several occasions in conjunction with Arcanis the Omnipotent (or via the Ooze) and Library of Leng for drawing my library and I have been able to tap big guys before attack as well as tap down an opponents blockers in order to get another opponent to finish them off.

  33. Minion of Leshrac A pure PnP piece. I like to draw it early to discard to Compulsion or assisting in making a Zombie with card:Zombie Infection. It also serves as an excellent deterrent, even more so than Karmic Justice (when I was running it) to Strip Mines and such.

  34. Morality Shift This is used as a safety-net and at it's difficult to use early but I was able to get it out early one game on an opponent's end-turn (via the Leyline) and subsequently Replenish almost all of my enchantments. I was also lucky to have Mistveil Plains on the field to recur it. In short, despite the CMC, it doesn't have the downside of Paradigm Shift and is useful late-game to force people into conceding when they see that I'm not going to mill myself before they're killed. Synergizes with Sickening Dreams and Replenish

  35. Necrotic Ooze I've gone whole games without playing the Ooze. The trick is getting the Ooze, Thousand-Year Elixir and Buried Alive into hand early. I basically either play to get all my enchantments out at once and force a concede or use the Ooze to destroy board states and then put out all my enchantments.

  36. Not Forgotten This is another up-in-the air card. I know the reviews about this are not good and I only plan on using it as means to get Teferi's Protection (along with Pull from Eternity) back into my hand for a second use.

  37. Omniscience Not a game-winner but teasing it out on turn four with a Replenish can make it a game-changer. It also serves as a good target for removals leaving my other pieces in the clear.

  38. Phyrexian Unlife Part of the Immortality setup. Synergizes with Solemnity and Delaying Shield.

  39. Pili-Pala The second Primary component of the Perpetual Motion setup. Also serves as a cheap sack outlet for Ertai but playing Pili-Pala is not really recommended as it makes a lot of people go "Uh-Oh, better kill this guy, he's got Pili-Pala out". Also don't recommend putting him in the yard until all the Perpetual Motion pieces are setup. Like Gravecrawler, his presence in the yard usually results in a Bojuka Bog or Tormod's Crypt

  40. Pull from Eternity Primarily serves as a means to get Teferi's Protection back from exile for a second use namely with card:Ad Nauseum after using it with something like Balancing Act. Also comes in handy for spot removals allowing me to play some pieces early without concern for Exiling.

  41. Pull from the Deep A newly added card to assist in recursion. Haven't had a chance yet to really test it.

  42. Replenish Not listed as a win-con but is definitely up there. I need so many cards to achieve a good lock this card is beneficial. But it's also helpful in teasing out Omniscience early game. Synergizes with Zombie Infestation, Intuition and Morality Shift.

  43. Resounding Wave Still testing this one. I picked it up because it doesn't limit by player or type of permanent. The cycle cost is expensive but pulling it off can be powerful and nets me a draw. I want to cycle it sometime with Library of Leng on the field in order to get it back in my hand off of the draw.

  44. Search for azcanta Haven't had a lot of luck with this one. First, it takes a turn before you can use it. Second, it takes a while to reach Flip threshold. Third, while the extra land is nice paying for what is essentially a draw seems pricey. And Forth, when I have used the Land ability, I always seem to have to put a card I could use (Like Linvala) on the bottom of my Library). At present, it just hasn't given me the card advantage I was hoping for. Considering Mystic Remora as a replacement.

  45. Shauku, Endbringer A PnP piece which synergizes with Cinderhaze Wretch. Used in the Perpetual Motion setup can quickly wrath the board.

  46. Sickening Dreams Another new piece that along with Banshee was put because there have been complaints that my deck doesn't have a win-con (Although, I think that making people quit because they cannot play magic is a viable end-game objective, there are still contractors). It did get me a win the first game it was in my deck. It has the potential to hurt me which makes it more appealing.

  47. Solemnity My favorite piece. Synergizes with Decree of Silence, Delaying Shield, Phyrexian Unlife and helps shut down some mini-metas - Love playing it against right after someone put out Hapatra.

  48. Soothsaying Sometimes useful, sometimes not. If nothing else, it helps pump up Serra's Sanctum and can be a sack for Ertai. I've found it's reshuffle ability to be quite useful. Synergizes with Search for azcanta or should at least.

  49. Soul Sculptor Another new addition that hasn't been tested. She's my Imitation Imprisoned in the Moon. I see her being useful in temporarily disabling opponents creatures as well as protecting mine against wraths and creature removals. Although difficult at a costing cost could be used with Lich Lord of Unx to create a token and make it an enchantment to pump Serra's Sanctum.

  50. Soul of New Phyrexia Synergizes with Magus of the Disk, Fortunate Few and Sickening Dreams to keep my creatures on the field.

  51. Sphinx's Revelation Draw spell that I only seem to get in hand when I don't need to draw.

  52. Starfield of Nyx I don't like the second ability as it weakens my enchantments but good for a steady enchantment recursion. Synergizes with Entomb, Intuition, Compulsion and Zombie Infestation. Also good end-game against an opponent that just won't quit - take a 10/10 Omniscience to the face a couple of times.

  53. Stony Silence This card probably does more to piss people off than any other card in the deck. Nothing like turning off a turn 1 Sol Ring, Lightning Greaves with a turn 2 Stony Silence.

  54. Taigam, Ojutai Master Also a new addition after my game-ending combo was nixed by an opponent countering Teferi's Protection .

  55. Teferi's Protection With the Commander 17 spoilers, I had to have this one. All I could think of was the card:Ad Nauseum combo but it does so much more, especially when I can get it back with Pull from Eternity.

  56. Temporal Adept A PnP piece. With a hefty activation cost of he's used more as sack fodder for Ertai and to increase devotion than anything else. He does come in handy late game.

  57. Thousand-Year Elixir A Perpetual Motion must.

  58. Torpor Orb Like I said earlier, does a lot to stop removals especially from Green decks. Also helps shut down flicker decks and other ETBs. Becomes a primary target of removal attempts.

  59. Tortured Existence Either does nothing for me or helps me win the game, getting the Ooze, Linvala, or Elesh Norn out of the graveyard. Synergizes with Entomb, Intuition andBuried Alive

  60. Training Grounds Now that I have removed my "Taps for Two Bounce" lands it has become more integral to pulling off the Perpetual Motion setup. Although I haven't pulled it off yet, it could also reduce costs my enchantments if they become creatures via the Starfield.

  61. Vampiric Rites Another new addition. I put it in for it's low mana cost and as a safety net for creature targeting or to sack the Starfield prior to a Wrath than it's draw or life gain. I was running Plunge into Darkness for this effect but like Rites since it's not a one and done.

  62. Vampiric Tutor Another cheap tutor.

  63. Vile Consumption My last of new addition. I am still not sure about this one. It doesn't really affect anything but Token decks and it could come back to bite me if Starfield of Nyx and Kormus Bell are out. I can also see an opponent say "I'm going to pay 10 life for all my creatures - and then attack you with them"

  64. Zombie Infestation Very handy card. Not intimidating by itself but can be used to feed a lot of setups like Omniscience into a Starfield of Nyx or Replenish.


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