Caedo et Exuro (Jund Aggro-Pod)

Standard* Aggro B/R/G (Jund) Birthing Pod Control

thundernick Score: 1


Caedo et Exuro = Kill and Burn

The deck is a pod/mimic vat list that focuses on pushing damage, getting counters on Druids' Repository, and pouring mana into Bonfire of the Damned / Killing Wave / Kessig Wolf Run.

Almost all of my creatures can either die and come back, or give me some sort of benefit from dying. If i Killing Wave for X=8, and all of my creatures come back with undying, i gain a huge advantage. also, Blood Artist helps me stabilize if i decide to pay to keep anything alive from Killing Wave.

[flayer of the hatebound is another win-con, whether from Killing Wave, or saccing to Falkenrath Aristocrat, whatever.

i'd love any comments/criticism on the deck, i think it could be a really cool idea but there's plenty of kinks to work out! thanks :)


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This deck is not Standard legal.

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