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This is an alternative version of my standard BW Tokens build that drops Spectral Procession in order to relax the mana requirements enough to support 4x Ghost Quarter (a critical card for this deck to have in order to win the traditionally impossible Tron matchup; also great in the Merfolk matchup to blow up a land enchanted with Spreading Seas, among several other uses including manafixing), which as a secondary benefit also allows the deck to fetch for basics more frequently, saving life and making it more resilient to Blood Moon.

The deck runs as many Token producers as traditional builds, substituting in mainboard Start / Finish and Sram's Expertise in place of Spectral. The latter also has the secondary benefit of being able to cheat in Lingering Souls or Liliana of the Veil at no cost. In fact, the ability to run Liliana in a build running a playset of Ghost Quarter effectively stems directly from the loss of Spectral Procession due to their starkly contrasting mana requirements.

Two Lilianas, along with a pair of Sorin, Solemn Visitor and a pair of Gideon, Ally of Zendikar makes for a very spicy planeswalker suite. They are all very powerful and well-positioned in this deck. 12 potential removal options are available (4 Push, 3 Path, 2 Finish, 2 Lili(-2), 1 Collective Brutality) and 7x Disruption rounds out the build.

Relative to traditional BW Tokens builds, this version is about equally well positioned against Midrange decks (including Death's Shadow builds), and stronger against Tron and most Control decks.

There is a trade-off, of course. This deck's clock is marginally slower than standard BW Tokens, and it produces fewer flying creatures, so it's matchups against most aggro deck are less favorable. Affinity in particular is notably worse, and Burn, Dredge, and Elves are all slightly less favorable. The Infect and Bogles matchups are actually little better than the traditional build thanks mostly to Liliana, and Merfolk is easier because of the Ghost Quarter playset.

If you're interested, check out the Green Splash build of BW Tokens I'm occasionally testing, or the faster, albeit still control-biased build that is my usual setup for competitive events.

Hope you all like the deck. Upvotes are appreciated!


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