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So, this is a homebrew I've been working on for a little bit. The basic idea is that my deck is not concerned when creatures enter the graveyard because many of my creatures benefit me when they die such as Soulcage Fiend , Geralf's Messenger, and Perilous Myr . The main win condition is the Blood Artist/Killing Wave combo, which I have witnessed to be quite deadly on occasion. I splashed white for answers to things that mono black cannot handle, such as artifacts, enchantments, planeswalkers, and Mirran Crusader. Currently trying out liliana and sorin to see if either of them might have any interaction in this deck that would work. Plus, planeswalkers generally make a deck seem more threatening to an opponent. This is still very much a fledgling and as such I would really appreciate any suggestions.

Also, I am aware that this concept has much more synergy with red because of things like Fling, Falkenrath Aristocrat , and burn cards, but I do not have the mana base so b/w will have to do for now


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