NEW BY DECK IS OUT! BW heartless Curse (check it out)

DONT BE AFRAID TO SUGGEST SUMTIN NOT KNOWING IF ITS ALREADY BEEN SUGGESTED (yes alot of comments just sugest away, i prefer it )

also give alink of ur deck you would like help with, i enjoy giving feedback myself =)

first of all ide like to thank anyone who checks this deck out...ide like to explain MB and SB as here in this deck its super important!

MB Bloodgift Demon and Black Sun's Zenith, they are there for more controll matchups which is a popular thing in our meta..this makes the deck more black also has le Wurmcoil Engine for the lifegain i <3

when versing more aggro decks what happens is

take out Bloodgift Demon and Black Sun's Zenith and put in Day of Judgment Angelic Overseer also take out Mausoleum Guard for Hero of Bladehold..then SB corrct hate..planeswalkers=o-ring hexyproof=triute etc etc. f o-rings go in Reaper from the Abyss can go out for Sun Titan and more stuff..the extra plain is for the swamp you wont need when you lean the deck to white (just remember to take out reaper...

this deck is very controll oriented, trying to keep field full and cleaning opponent field..Angelic Destiny is to make some tokens scarier or other creats damn scary....oh and my maybeboard is so rape

trying BW for a change morbid with Skirsdag High Priest and some mordbid controll with Reaper from the Abyss. want white for self replacing things like Doomed Traveler. ide apreciate help with almost anything (and i cant afford Liliana of the Veil and another Elspeth Tirel and i do what this as BW. +1's greatly apreciated and if ya have time check out my other experimental deck <3MYRS)" href="/mtg-decks/bg-zombie-swarm-help-mehi3myrs/">BG Zombie swarm (help meh..I<3MYRS) and or MillBlade and my latest new in progress deck BU InfectBlade

some example results:

2-0 against <3MYRS)" href="/mtg-decks/bg-zombie-swarm-help-mehi3myrs/">BG Zombie swarm (help meh..I<3MYRS)

2-1 against MillBlade

1-2 against Fireball Steelby clooney woods

2-0 against BU InfectBlade

2-0 against wolf-run-ramp-100 by sondag

2-1 against Solar Flare2 by THIAGOLUCENAF

2-0 against Jace Sorin Love Affair

2-0 against many-faces-of-the-distress

2-1 against Melira's Empire

0-2 against a MBI (lashy too fast)

2-1 against another MBI (used trigon)

2-0 against an RDW (idk but yeah)

1-2 against a different RDW ( 4 koths X_X)

2-1-1 against Olivia Control by patrick chapin

and 2-0-1 against tezzeret-control-deck

these were intial i tend to win fnms with this but i do use other decks sometimes to not get bored...mostly bw ;)

other peoples BW decks:

Tenacious E - Tribute by Emrakool and it has a nice lil story with it! (check it out)

BW Recursion by Nomad0404 Black/White Tokens designed to generate Golems and Demons.

Morbidly Obese (BW Morbid Aggro) by Strangelove

Blood for the Gods by jessetaverne

dont 4get le +1 for cookies also leave a link for ur deck so i can help ya out maybe haha thx!


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