protect your Shimian Specter with spot removal while emptying your oponents hand.


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Brought this to a gameday and went 3-2:Match 1 vs Naya pod.I won the first game off his mull to 5. By the time he had 2 lands, I had a Gideon Jura and Grave Titan. In game 2 i tapped my mana on the wrong time and lost because of it. game 3 he played a war and peace+ feast and famine. Loss 2-1

Match 2 vs random junky deck.Played vs some noob running 5 kracken hatcheling and a bunch of non standard legal stuff. Took a while because he decided to trade for an Ajani Goldmane to put in his deck for game 2. Win 2-0

Match 3 against mono blue talrand delver in game 1, I had i had no removalGame two kept a 4 lander in a 5 card hand.

Match 4 vs Jund podGame 1 I overwhelmed him with gideon and grave and killed his early threats. Game 2 i was in good shape with 8 Lingering Souls tokens. He played Massacre Wurm.Game 3 was lucky. getting crushed with 6 lands out, a Day of Judgment and Sign in Blood in hand. I played sign in blood to draw grave and elesh norn.

Match 5 vs G/W infectI thought i had a great matchup for this round. Game 1 it went how i expected and crushed him with Doom Blade after dumping his hand on a Inkmoth Nexus.Game 2 I got blown out on turn 3 via turn 1 Glistener Elf turn 2 double Rancor, turn 3 Ajani caller of the pride.Game 3 I almost lost at 5 poison when he attacked with a 3/3 inkmoth (thank you ajani+1 and exalted land) and played mutagenic growth and ranger's guile. He misplayed because I knew about the Ranger's Guile due to an early Duress and would of won just by mutagenic but he played the guile at the same time and i responded with the Doom Blade i've been holding all game.

Pretty happy with these results because i have no experience with this deck and i top 8ed so i got the full art tracker and magmaquake. Really like this deck


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