03/28/17 update: Much revised, more removal added, plus 4 Succumb to Temptation to draw/keep it moving. Been doing okay with this current version on MTGO lately. 13 total artifact and/or creature removal/exile cards in the main board now. Any other suggestions? Better draw card than Succumb to Temptation in Standard?

A Standard Black/White Life Drain Allies deck. I'm looking for something to cut through the current Standard meta which essentially only allows 2 decks (Saheeli and Mardu Vehicles) to be viable. Gotta try, and that's half the fun, right?! I brewed a version of this deck about 9 months ago, and just made a few revisions given the last few expansions released. Please comment and make suggestions, and upvote if you like it.

I want the Yahenni's Expertise/Zulaport Cutthroat combo, Eerie Interlude/Kalastria Healer combo, and the March from the Tomb/Kalastria Healer combo to be the main win cons. I'm not really looking to do damage to my opponent via attacking, but if there's a clear opportunity I will of course. The deck needs to remain heavy on the Allies too (obviously!).

And in case it's not obvious, the title of this deck is a reference to that Justin Timberlake song ;p


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