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Mostly post-rotation except for a couple notables. Go for the throat is an easy replace with Murder, Mirran Crusader will be more challenging. Suggestions welcomed

Credit to quargur and his Exalted Army (Updated) +1 deck for many of the ideas such as using Disciple of Bolas and Faith's Shield (This is where I first saw it, but whoever thought of it first i don't know).

The strategy is to get your early exalted(s) out on the field and use Mirran Crusader (double strike hits very hard) or one of the knights depending on the opponent if necessary to be the main attacker. The next phase for me generally is using a finisher (Sublime Archangel or Ajani, Caller of the Pride , to create overwhelming force and power up Mirran for the win (or someone else). Disciple of Bolas is extremely helpful in this deck, as you can sacrifice a powered up exalted during your second main phase to gain life and draw. This often results in you drawing at least 4, if not more (5-7 range is sweet). With a brand new hand and extra life, you have a big advantage. Faith's Shield will pull a creature out from the death zone and make your opponent waste a kill spell often, and go for the throat is your go to kill spell.

For the sideboard I have Knight of Infamy in case your opponent has a very white heavy deck. Oblivion Rings and Doom Blade are if Go for the Throat doesn't cover it (Artifect Deck for example), and you need artifacts and/or planeswalkers taken out w/o attacking. Also have BSZ if you need a board clear.

Potential replacements for mirran crusader are listed on the maybe board.

I'm welcome to any and all feedback, thank you


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