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A standard death and taxes deck, i havent seen anything quite like this yet a homebrew ive worked on the last almost 2 weeks since spoilers +1 upvote if you enjoy.Ok so the idea behind this deck was could i tax aggro decks in the new format that seems to want to run heavy aggro, and the answer was yes. The thing about this deck is at heart its a b/w kill deck that taxes your opponent when they play creatures. You get a lot of life and deal damage to your opponent without actually having to swing a creature. The real win condition for this deck is Cruel Reality which seems lackluster at first glance but we fully utilize its potential with this shell. Being able to control/kill their board through early game gaining life off of taxing our opponents creatures allows us to play Cruel Reality on turn 7 then afterwards fumigate or just constant control of board. The new gideon allows us to overcome things like early aggro and Approach the Second Sun combos. If the Meta swings to heavy quick aggro decks this will be a great equalizer.


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