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So this is my attempt to get back into standard. I have been focusing on modern the past couple sets and haven't really played standard since Theros. I was hoping for some solid help. I love this new set! I instantly wanted to run B/W (Also want to try Jund) This was what I'm working with so far.

The goal of the deck is to take control with mass amount of removal and mass amount of token generating. The tokens will ultimately feed into me getting the big ol baddy from Westvale abbey OR I will make them get bigger with Gideon. so there are 2 route I can take with this. I've always wanted to run Demonic Pact since it is a VERY strong care. I just could never find a build I liked for it and even when I saw the decks online I still didn't like them. So, I threw this together. The idea is to use Angelic Purge or Pious Evangel to sac Demonic Pact and exile something even if its one of your own tokens.

I did some play testing against a Abzan deck and a Grixis Vampires deck. All in all I won every game but it seems like the games dragged a little longer than wanted. The Deck as a bunch of life gain to keep it going. So, those early game hits don't hurt as much as they might think.

I haven't started on a sideboard yet and I think that is where I think I'll need the most help. Ideas for matchups you all think we might run into in the near future.


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