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Standard* BG (Golgari) Counters



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Deck playing off the ability to exploit +1/+1 counters on reasonably sized creatures and then sneak them all through with Champion of Lambholt or simply run through with a large Lumberknot/Predator Ooze and attached Rancor. Pretty much a standard beatdown deck that has enough removal to deal with early to mid-range threats.

Prey Upon interacts extremely well as removal due to the potential of triggering multiple effects even when trading (Lumberknot, Predator Ooze, Undying, Rancor swapping, Slitherhead) and sets up our Tragic Slip/Hunger of the Howlpack if necessary. Abrupt Decay deals with exile effects (O-ring, Fiend Hunter, Detention Sphere) and Predator Ooze/Young Wolf/Golgari Charm give us a little hedging against current board wipes aside from Terminus.

Sideboard has some Delver hate in the Dryads, board wipe resets in the Gravepurges, some Lambholt protection with the Guile's, and a little extra reach if necessary in Jarad. The rest of it could honestly use a little work and will probably change as we see the rest of RtR spoiled.

Maybeboard reflects all the things I've considered for the deck at one point or another and is basically just a list of items I've subtracted at this point so I have note of my changes.


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Scrapped the Ooze for Hydras due to them needing less support to punch through for the win. Sign in Bloods dropped in for the Prey Upons since the deck should have some life to burn if we flush our hand and curve out.


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