... ... Still here? Ok.

So! This is a basic little Rat deck for EDH/Commander with a huge janky win-con.

With one Relentless Rats in the Graveyard, Play Secret Salvage to extract all the other Relentless Rats and throw them into your graveyard. Rise of the Dark Realms to get them all back out and onto the battlefield. From here, you have two options in terms of what you want to do to win.

Either Gray Merchant of Asphodel or Mogis's Marauder. Good ol' Gary will kill off all your opponents in one fell swoop. Mogis's Marauder gives all those fresh new rats haste to swing.


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Me: "Oh, hey! Look! Elves and Ezuri and Nicol Bolas Decks on the field! I'll never be a target!"

My opponents: "But Rats Though..."


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