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Ping them to dust!

This Fevered Visions deck is very aggressively curved for maximizing the opportunity-cost card draws and reliably flips the Thing in the Ice  Flip by turn 4/5. The visions reward decks that hold mana up and can tap all the way out each turn and punishes opponents with highly costed cards and are unable to drop their hand size to 2 (or 1). Bouncing their creatures gives the Visions player control of the game tempo and results in an effective clock while Awoken Horror  Flip threatens to flip. The burn to player can bring the spike damage and deal with all the planeswalkers who think they're safe now that the Copter is gone. Stormchaser Mage helps finish off the planeswalkers and is a very reliable pinger. Surge casting the one-of Fall of the Titans off a shock lets you tap all your mana for one face-damage each and pushes through the last bit of damage.

The real secret to the visions is the bounce in Select for Inspection , Baral's Expertise and Awoken Horror  Flip , opponents are incentivized to cast as many spells as possible before their end step, usually flooding out their smaller creatures and that's where the bounce does magic in keeping the visions clock running and dragged out the game to enough turns to get lethal damage. I'm also considering Unsubstantiate for this reason as the bounce is much more effective than burn to control midrange decks. Another totally viable Unsubstantiate play is to Shock -> Unsubstantiate the shock -> Shock and pull 3 counters off Thing in the Ice  Flip for 4 mana and two spells.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance buys time, pings, controls, or lets you cast that extra Incendiary Flow and basically just does everything we want, though shes not ideally a turn 4 slam but made when there is a chance to protect or respond to your opponent's move against her.


Negate is great

U/W flash can make use of the extra draws that visions gives them and has ways of responding to the few creatures in the deck, though Stormchaser Mage will likely give them headaches if they cant tap it down. I recommend bringing in the Horribly Awry s and Kozilek's Returns for this matchup and to focus on flipping a thing in the ice and protecting that play with as much counter magic as possible.

All the bounce is going to be your best friend in setting back Abzan or G/W Counters, while playing these decks you'll want to drop visions ASAP and prioritize popping their planeswalkers (well neither of those things are really news) but this deck will give you a hard time if they get their aggro going. Prioritize removing creatures when they decide to put a counter on, hold off on shocks until they activate their triggers. Verdurous Gearhulk can be a problem if they spread him out. Dont sacrifice Thing in the Ice  Flip on an unfavorable block if you can survive it.

Shock is a solid AF answer to Copy-Cat which seems slow and durdly and their infinite combo is easily controlled if you can Anticipate what they're going to do. Similar to the matchup with marvel, these matches are where Disallow can shine. Unsubstantiate can be a fun reaction to their free marvel spell.

If their primary removal is Fatal Push or they're going for R/G Electrostatic Pummeler combos i'd side in the Dispels

B/G or Jund Delirium can be very quick to get a nasty board state going so the bounce is your best friend in this matchup. If you can control their board after (ideally) tapping out t3 for visions then you'll have no trouble bouncing them to hell.

Mardu vehicles hates the Negates and i just want to play Release the Gremlins against improvise or vehicles even if its not ideally costed. RELEASE THE GREMLINS

Aggro decks in general will bring the most pain, its better to take damage and not sacrifice your Thing in the Ice  Flip and flip it to regain control of the match.

Control decks seem like a stranger match-up, if they dont have a good answer to visions then you should be fine, however bouncing Torrential Gearhulk wont feel good. Curious to see how these matches play out. You have enough spells to give them headaches over what to counter. Bring yr Dispels

Don't ever let Hope of Ghirapur hit you.

in theory, you should have an advantage in aristocrats (or Pia's Revolution) matchups since you have lots of ways to pop Zulaport Cutthroat and Scrap Trawler before they can do something crazy. Bounce will be useful removal without causing graveyard shennanigins and the Horribly Awry s should come out of the side to preempt larger plays. Don't waste removal on little things that can be blocked with stormchaser or the thing, save it for their key cards. Disallow is also useful here since countering triggers on Westvale Abbey  Flip, or Pia's Revolution will mess with their plans

Send thoughts or suggestions!

UPDATE:: Just went 4-0 at standard night against G/W humans, Panharmonicon, Jund Midrange, & Golgari midrange. The deck was very consistent and i only lost 2 games where Visions was not drawn or immediately removed. Granted: all 4 decks were mid-ranged which is where this deck is most punishing however i always had many options and had some nasty plays like flipping a Thing in the Ice  Flip by casting Baral's Expertise (bouncing panharmonicon and prisms) and getting a free Chandra, Torch of Defiance

UPDATE2: Went 2-2 at big prize night, hanidly beat golgari counters and jeskai copycat. Went 1-2 against mardu vehicles (kept some hands i shouldn't have- no shocks :/) and 1-2 against improvise. Bastion Inventor is a tough card for this deck to handle especially when backed up with Metallic Rebukes. Think i could've played some matches better and sideboarded better.

UPDATE3: Alas Fevered Visions is going in the sideboard, but its definitely not out of the deck. Going for bigger payoff control cards in Torrential Gearhulk and Goblin Dark-Dwellers will let this deck close against aggro more easily and Fevered Visions can stillk make its way in against higher curved decks in game two (without the nasty sideboard that often happens to counter a visions strategy) Overall i think the changes I made to the deck will make it more consistent and deadly


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