This is my first look at a Modern. I was debating the 5 slots for Flames of the Blood Hand and Volcanic Fallout. I didn't know how to split them, and I wasn't sure if I wanted Fallout over Flamebreak. I decided on Fallout for the consistency of being uncouterable and flexibility of being instant speed.

I am keeping this list Mono R for now. I want to try fetches/splashing, but not yet. I'm saving a few cards until then as well, such as Searing Blaze and Grim Lavamancer.

I considered Vexing Devil, but went without him. I would consider him in a more creature heavy/Sligh style build where I have more sweeper slots and the burn is more for removal. Here I didn't like him since he won't drop with haste and doesn't have trample. That said, I started with Hellspark Elemental, but I'm considering Spark Elemental. In goldfishing, unearthing a Hellspark rarely ends the game a turn faster, and have him drop for one less mana might do that. I might try a split.

I also have already had an involved discussion on the viability of Thunderous Wrath. It is experimental, but I've done a lot of stats on the card. Multiple posts here have work I've done (as well as another user):


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