You're sure that you packed the torches before you left. Fumbling through your pack once again, you find a small crescent hole staring back at you. Your heart starts to sink in your chest as you slowly drag yourself to your feet and wonder why you'd ever gave that strange fellow your attention. Moving aimlessly, hopelessly lost, you trug along the trail. You fumble, and it you jolts you upright. You suddenly realize that you are caught in a daunting mist that blocks everything beyond arm's reach.


Backtracking, you squint your eyes and can make the outskirts of a figure in the mist. Your heart stops. Frozen in fear the mist danced around him as he approached you. Rags seem to slip off of him as he takes each step. His minuscule, but hulking presence terrorized your very soul. Your body doesn't obey you. He pulls a bag from his sack, and reveals chilling skull. Freshly cut, and polished to the bone. He utters no words, but smiles at you and takes a step forward and crackles, "waste not the time..."

A Game of Chance

Burning Recall is a deck that I've been brewing around with every since Waste Not came out in 2015. Five years later, it's been slowly improving. I ultimately wanted to make some sort of midrange deck, but all I can find was storm. So I came up with what you see now, and I'm proud to present to you Burning Recall.

Reasons to play this deck over other decks

  • This deck isn't a meta deck as you play with janky combos

  • Has a factor of luck, that will give you alternative routes to completely topple your opponent

  • Opponents might have difficulty trying to sideboard against it, as it is one of a kind

  • Has high disruption, for your opponent...and possibly yourself

Waste Not adapts to your opponent's deck

  • Opponent discards a creature -> get a creature. Super relevant in this case as what better way to beat a aggro/midrange creature deck with free creatures to attack and block with.

  • Opponent discards a non-creature -> it gets you more cards against controls and in general, when is card draw ever bad? (edit: Mill, drawing is bad in mill, and most of their mill cards at instant/sorcery XP)

  • Opponent discards a land -> get help you cast "free" spells

There were 3 main iterations of the deck so far

  • The first iteration was more of a burn strategy with Liliana's Caress and Bump in the Night, but it was too inconsistent in the end. It dealt a lot of damage, and was a ticking time bomb. Sometimes I had 3 Liliana's Caress and just waiting for Burning Inquiry. It was a bad burn deck.

  • The second iteration was a control variant with counterspells such as Remand and Mana Leak. It doesn't really work though, if you're win con is unreliable. It was a bad control deck.

  • After seeing that a counter style deck was no good, the third iteration I put less and less blue into the deck and turned it into a black red, token, attrition style deck. With the introduction of Dreadhorde Arcanist, Lightning Skelemental, Yawgmoth, Thran Physician and Unearth we morphed it to its current glory.

  • I realized what the deck was missing, and that was a finisher. I also tried grixis for a long time for Jace, Vryn's Prodigy   and notion theif however, as awesome as they were I just didn't wasn't a control deck and I died quickly to aggresive decks. So I changed it to rakdos and had more sticky creatures. The new cards from theoros beyond death is the new elder giant, Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger and a solid two drop with Gifted Aetherborn. Let's hope for the best.

The core of the deck, and most cards in the deck combo with it.


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