Planeswalker (2)


Sup, suckas? Tiny Tina taking over this deck list so Nukey here can work on another project. Today I got this hot mess. We're burning ALL the babies today!

Alrighty, first we need to throw together our crew, ya dig? First off we've got Goblin Guide. This little dude helps keep the partay poppin', son! Smashing face turn one is ALWAYS great. You never wanna start without this guy in the house.

Second, we don't want this to be a friggin' sausage fest so we're bringing out Monastery Swiftspear. She's got a gut fulla dynamite and a booty like POW. She knows how to keep the party going and loves the sparks and flames.

Alright, now we've got the real party animal: Eidolon of the Great Revel. This dude here keeps EVERYTHING going. Police showing up for noise complaints? Pshhh... Your neighbors'll be calling the fire department once Eidolon gets the party popping.

Last we got our lightweight: Keldon Marauders . He's usually in and out really quick, but when he's there, you know he's there.

So now we have our crew, we gotta look at aaaaaall the good @#$% we're working with. Lightning Bolts, Lava Spikes, Magma Jets, you name it, we got it. Smash all this good @#$% with our crew and you got yourself a fast game, son! Throw everything and the kitchen sink at the bad dudes.


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