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BUGs & Pigs 2.0



Summary:BUGs & Pigs is still a very grindy control deck.

Rough Play Guide:You know the deck, Ill just comment on the new cards. The manabase has two bounce lands now because I think they have their place in the deck. The deck can use a lot of mana lategame which is the main reason to play them, additional fixing is also nice.I went for 1 Undying Evil this time, I think it can do some cool stuff. Best with Mulldrifters and Crypt Rats, but also useful with Steve (Sakura Tribe Elder) and Brindle Boar. Not a combo with Wickerbough Elder though... (But Fume Spitter still is!) If you want to make a 2/2 Crypt Rat that can sweet X/1 creatures every round, make sure you hold priority after activating the ability for 1. Or you play Undying Evil in advance. Note that you also can activate Rats two times and then play Undying Evil (everything while holding priority) or activate once, play undying evil and after it return activate a second time to kill X/2 creatures while your Crypt Rats survive. I dont know the button on MTGO for holding priority but I guess you do.I also added two Deep Analysis for more raw carddraw. Im sure you wont argue with that, I mean the spell draws more cards than Treasure Cruise! ;-) Its very good against other control decks.Mystical Teachings is gone, 1 copy was a little random and not worth playing the full toolbox. Instead I added a third Grim Harvest. Having three of those means that you can easily throw away one to get back an early Fume Spitter or Steve if the course of the game makes it necessary and dont have to worry you wont draw the other one.

The changes in Sideboard will make the deck better against Delver, MBC and Tron I hope.Spore Frog instead of Tangle. Now they see it coming, which is bad. But you can recur it with Grim Harvest, which is awesome. Keep in mind they can kill it end of your turn. This is the biggest disadvantage, well see how it plays out. Note that you can save it with Undying Evil.

Sideboard Guide:Please make adjustment according to what you see! Dont ever blind follow the Sideboard Guide!

Affinity:+1 Wickerbough Elder, +2 Spore Frog, +2 Lifestaff; -1 Tusker, -2 Fume Spitter, -1 Grim Harvest, -1 Deep Analysis

Angler Delver-2 Wickerbough, -2 Fume Spitter; +4 DuressThese Angler Delver decks vary quite a bit. Usually the Spellbombs aren't worth it because you can't properly fight the Delve creatures, unless you see cards like Accumulated Knowledge and such, where I would bring them in. Also if the Stormbound Geists are a pain it is a possibility to fight them. In that case I'd take out a Grim Harvest and Undying Evil, because going even lower on creatures is dangerous for the concept of the deck. Angler is a fast clock and you want Tragic Slip to be online when you draw it!

Bogles:+2 Spore Frog, +1 Crypt Rats, +1 Wickerbough, +4 Duress; -4 Fume Spitter, -4 Tragic Slip

Boroskitty:+1 Crypt Rat, +3 Lifestaff, -4 Fume Spitters

Burn:+3 Lifestaff, +4 Duress, +2 Nihil Spellbomb, +2 Shinobi; -3 Crypt Rats, -4 Tragic Slip, -4 ChainerI'd not board out or bring back in some slips or edicts if they are running the version with Goblin Fireslingers or even Kiln Fiends. You can also more often board out Shinobis when you are on the draw because they are only really good T3-T4.

Delver:+1 Crypt Rat, +4 Duress, +2 Okiba-Gang Shinobi, -4 Brindle Boar, -2 Wickerbough, -1 TuskerClear the way with Duress for Crypt Rats (optimally with Undying Evil) and Mulldrifter

DelverFiend:+4 Duress, +2 Spore Frog, -2 Wickerbough, -3 Crypt Rats, -1 Tusker

Elves:+1 Crypt Rats, +2 Spore Frog; -2 Wickerbough, -1 Tusker

Familiars:+4 Duress, +2 Spellbomb; -4 Brindle Boar, -2 WickerboughUse Spellbomb in response to Mnemonic Wall Trigger when he tries to get Flicker back or in response to Reaping the Graves.

Five Color Green:+1 Wickerbough, +2 Shinobi, +1 Lifestaff, -4 Fume SpitterThis deck is so grindy. I see a possible win via Crypt Rats, which they cant do anything about. Try to survive until then.

Goblins:+3 Lifestaff, +1 Crypt Rat, +2 Spore Frog, -2 Wickerbough, -4 Chainer

Illusory Tricks: +4 Duress, +1 Sylvok Lifestaff, -2 Wickerbough, -1 Tusker, -1 Brindle Boar, -1 Grim Harvest The Fliers, especially Stormbound Geist are a Pain. Try to take as few damage as possible and blow them up with Crypt Rats. Ensure with Duress.

Infect:+1 Crypt Rats, +2 Spore Frog, +4 Duress; -2 Wickerbough, -3 Tusker, -2 Brindle Boar

MBC:+Duress, +Shinobi, +Lifestaff, -2 Wickerbough, -Brindle BoarBring in Duress if he plays Corrupt, otherwise dont. Try to keep his board low, so Gary doesnt end you. Dont overcommit into opposing Crypt Rats and try to stay at a healthy life total. Your lategame and carddraw is better, so try to stay alive.

MUC:+4 Duress, +2 Okiba, +2 Spellbomb; -3 Crypt Rat, -4 Brindle Boar, -1 Fume SpitterKeep Crypt Rats in if he plays Faeries besides Delver, board Spellbomb against Accumulated Knowledge and Oonas Grace if opponent plays them.

Stompy, The Green One:+2 Spore Frog, + 3 Lifestaff, +2 Duress; -2 Wickerbough, -2 Deep Analysis, -3 TuskerSpore Frog should shine here. Watch out only for Gut Shot out of Sideboard.

Trinket:+2 Spellbomb, +2 Shinobi, -4 Chainers EdictI hope you dont have to play this. Similar decks, very grindy. The one that makes fewer mistakes will win. Try to blow up his Lifestaffs.

Tron:+4 Duress, +2 Shinobi, +2 Spellbomb; -3 Crypt Rat, -1 Wickerbough, -4 Fume SpitterDuress those Tunders, you should be golden if you connect with Shinobi.

WW:+1 Crypt Rat, +2 Sylvok Lifestaff, +2 Duress, +2 Spore Frog; -4 Fume Spitter, -1 Brindle Boar, -2 Wickerbough

UB Control:+4 Duress, +2 Okiba, +2 Spellbomb; -3 Crypt Rats, -X Fume Spitter, -X Tragic Slip, -X Brindle BoarDepends on opponents build. If he plays Delver, keep in T1 Removal, against Angler Chainer should be fine. Board in Wickerbough if his win condition is Curse.


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