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Synergistic BUG aggr/tempo deck. Just won a GPT at London with it. Very, very happy with how it works!

Main plan - aggro with some nice tricks and counters - spell rupture is awesome with green critters, usually X = 3 or 4.

Zameck Guildmage keeps undying critters alive, whilst drawing cards. Which is excellent.

Duskmantle Seer pushes the final bits of damage through.

I can go heavy removal, tempo against other aggro decks, or counters and Garruk vs Control. Midrange is hardest to deal with, particularly Naya, as all their creatures are 1-1 better than mine, but the Seer is good here, and Downpour can get that final damage through.

Any thoughts most welcome.

Edit1: Taken out 2x snapcaster and put in sideboard. + 1 Unsummon and + 1 Dimir Charm in mainboard.

Edit 2: -1 Dimir Charm and Aetheize and + 2 Glaring Spotlight.


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