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Budget Sultai ($36, 5 TIX)

Legacy BUG (Sultai)



Hey guys and welcome to my BUG Weaver budget build!

This deck runs off threshold and delirium abilities. Because of this, the graveyard is very important to the overall success of this deck.

The point of the deck is to fill the graveyard early game while deploying creatures that will get bigger or better once delirium or threshold activate.

In order to fill the grave we use spells and creatures with abilities to send cards to grave. In addition to this, there are some other cards in the deck that allow us to return things from the grave to hand in order to make sure we can access creatures and lands as needed.

The main way this deck wins is by getting Wonder into the graveyard and then swinging for a flying alpha strike with all our guys.

I will go over the nonland cards in the deck with a brief description about them below:

  1. Traverse the Ulvenwald allows us to get lands early game and find creatures in the late game. It's important for finding combo pieces or creatures that allow us to win the game.

  2. Grisly Salvage also allows us to find creatures or lands, while at the same time filling the grave with other cards. this is important for activating delirium and threshold for our other cards.

  3. Jarad's Orders allows us to put a creature to hand and one to grave. often the card going to grave is Wonder, so this card allows us to make this happen more consistently when we need to.

  4. Grim Discovery allows us to return either land or creature or both from grave to hand. this is vital in case we need mana fixing or have a creature we really want to get on the field to help win the game.

  5. Stitch Together helps us get guys from grave directly to battlefield for cheap. it's a very powerful card that fits this deck perfect.

  6. Nyx Weaver is one of the engines in this deck. it helps put cards to grave, has a second ability to return something to our hand, and also interacts with Sidisi, Brood Tyrant to create zombies

  7. Sidisi, Brood Tyrant is another engine that helps mill cards and create zombies. she's like the quarterback to the whole deck as long as we can keep her alive.

  8. Mindwrack Demon is one of our biggest creatures that we use to beat down opponents. he has a downside that hurts us, so we need to be careful when casting him.

  9. Ghoultree is our biggest guy. we gets cost reduction from creatures in grave, making him a good play and very hard for opponents to get around.

  10. Werebear is our first threshold creature. he a 1/1 mana dork that turns into a 4/4 once we have 7 or more cards in our grave.

  11. Nimble Mongoose is a great card. it's 1 mana for a 3/3 with threshold and hexproof. he's very pesky for opponents to deal with if they don't have big creatures.

  12. Murderous Cut is our instant speed removal. because it has the delve ability it often only costs one mana to cast.

  13. Dead Weight is enchantment removal. it's not particularly strong, but it does count as an enchantment towards delirium so it fits right into this deck more than it would most others.

  14. Hooting Mandrills is another delve creature with trample. in a lot of cases it's a 4/4 with trample for 1 mana, making it efficient and easy to play in this deck.

  15. Moldgraf Scavenger is like a crappy little tramogoyf. it's a 3/4 for 2 mana when we have delirium, but otherwise is a solid blocker even when we don't have it. overall, it plays well in the deck for an otherwise pretty bad card.

  16. Wonder is the win condition for the deck. get this thing in the grave and swing with all your little zombies, demons, spiders, the ghoultree and, of course, the bear and mongoose.

Basically, as you can see, the whole deck revolves around sifting, filling the grave, playing cheap stuff, then swinging for big time flying damage.

It's a cool build that I've played lots and am very proud of. I hope you like it as well :)

PLEASE LEAVE A +1 if you can!!!!


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