Trying to tinker an well rounded deck that can answer Reanimate decks, Aggro decks and creature ramp decks.

The point is to be in position to T3/T4 Mutilate or play answers to their plays, and once you have a stable board presence and you allow their big creature to land, you Soul Ransom it and have mana to either Rapid Hybridization or Devour Flesh it in response to card discard.

The plan first couple of turns is either to ramp hard, or to play Quirion Dryad T2 with few spells that make him 3/3 or 4/4 prior to casting a Mutilate with ideal swamp count of 2-3.

I'm going to build the deck and see how it goes. I'll be updating this with results and changes that might come.

Any suggestions are taken gladly, as there has not been many successful decks of this type around lately, there is not much to go about.



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