BUG Control

Standard* marth017


Sept. 17, 2012

Since both Simic and Dimir are in Gatecrash, many would think that BUG is not a very good deck because it didn't get much support. I happen to think BUG is much stronger than quite a few other decks though for a few reasons. BUG has access to Thragtusk, which is good against zombies, Curse of Death's Hold and Sever the Bloodline against tokens, and has Duress, Abrupt Decay, Underworld Connections, Nephalia Drownyard, and Vraska the Unseen against other control decks. The problem with BUG is it's lack of a true sweeper. Red has a plentiful supply, u/w has Supreme Verdict and Terminus. Mutilate can't really be considered yet because of the lack of swamps needed to support the manabase currently. The other issue this deck has is that of every deck without a sweeper - it's a little weak to Sigarda, Host of Herons. The additions of more Vampire Nighthawk could be the solution if the angel becomes too popular. This control deck is metagame dependent, but it has many angles of attack. Definitely keep this deck in mind though, because if U/W/x Control becomes popular, this deck really preys upon it.

It could be that this deck needs 27 lands in the main deck and that the Nephalia Drownyard in the sideboard should come in for the 2nd Dissipate in the main deck. It also needs a little more card draw in order to keep the engine moving, but this deck wants to be reactive early & proactive the later the game goes. Amass the Components, Divination, or Inspiration could be a viable inclusion. Inaction Injunction is an interesting card, and needs to be tested with. If anyone has any ideas on how to improve this, I will welcome the suggestions with open arms. Thanks for looking!