A budget version of the cEDH menace known as Sushi Hulk (or Fish Hulk, or Oracle Hulk). Don't necesarily take this as THE definitive list, but rather a template as to how the deck could be built at this budget level.

You can find a non-budget version built by some of the greatest cEDH minds here: Oracle Hulk Core Definitly go there to check out their flex slot section for inspiration on how you could potentially customize this budget list aswell. (Also for what it's worth, I want to endorse their plea to the RC to get Flash banned.)

To me, the most important aspect of this budget build was to keep the intergrety of the absolutely broken wincon that is Flash Hulk in combination with Thassa's Oracle and Consultation lines at the same level as in the fully upgraded list. Even if Tainted Pact makes up almost 10% of our entire budget, I felt it was a necesary inclusion, so the complete power of this wincon could be employed even by budget players.

The shell built around the wincon utilizes well known and affordable staple cEDH cards, aswell as some of the typical budget inclusions. The decks interaction package is weighted a little in the direction of stax removal, as budget metas tend to have more of those kind of effects since the expensive free-cast counterspells are not around.

A big Thank You goes out to timmyt1000 for helping me refine the manabase!

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Budget is 500$


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