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The primary goal of this deck is to be incredibly budget friendly and not overly complicated.

The deck is straightforward. Win by milling yourself to power up Boneyard Wurm and Splinterfright, dropping Ghoultree and Nemsis of Mortals several turns early, and launching huge attacks with Kessig Cagebreaker.

The deck takes a few turns to ramp up, but you can hopefully stabilize yourself with Gnaw to the Bone against early aggression.

Tracker's Instincts, Dream Twist, and Gnaw to the Bone all have cheap flashback costs, and are thus not wasted if they are milled.

Mulch and Thought Scour will be wasted if they are milled, but I feel they are strong enough if played from your hand to be worth the risk. Mulch especially.

Land is wasted if milled, but there is not much to do about that (Unless there is a budget blue/green/colorless card that benefits from land in the grave)

Hopefully the Work-ability/Budget ratio of the deck will make it appealing to new players and people who just want another (semi?) viable deck to play kitchen table magic with.

All feedback is welcome and appreciated!


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