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Budget Oathbreaker - Jaya Ballard

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This is one of five single-colored decks for Oathbreaker. Each deck is designed to be both budget and powerful. Each Planeswalker is chosen for a keen and specific play style. Each deck is priced at approximately $30 which means they can be picked up for a bit less than a Bundle. Hopefully these can help inspire future decks, introduce new players, or be a deck your friends and group can pick up and use in a pinch. I hope you enjoy! :D

While suggestions for improvements are greatly appreciated, please keep in mind that these are designed SPECIFICALLY to be budget. There are plenty of upgrades that can be made on each of the five decks, and users are welcome to add these decks to their folders and upgrade as they see fit, but please recognize that upgrades become expensive and thus defeats the purpose.

Thank you. :3


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