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Budget Mono-White Soldiers (Blitzkrieg!)

Modern Aggro Mono-White Tribal Weenie Zoo



Now with a good description!

Now Budget!

Strategies: Preeminent Captain is a must have on the battlefield, Preeminent Captain helps put other other cards out quick like Captain of the Watch (and yes, more weenies.) early and is why this deck can pull some crazy combos.

One good card I've noticed that is very effective is Brave the Elements. It is a multi-situational card. It can help you from full-out swinging, To blocking a deathtouch without your creatures dying, Or maybe even protecting your creatures from burn. It's up to you! It is a must have if you plan to use several cards from this deck in another of your creation.

A combo that I've noticed that works really well is Champion of the Parish + Thalia's Lieutenant. They pump each other and other cards that may come out from Ballyrush Banneret, or Preeminent Captain later on in the game when you're using Brave the Elements to full out swing.

Kytheon, Hero of Akros   is an amazing body that can turn into a planeswalker for , Infiltration Lens makes people think twice about blocking early on, and even Veteran's Armaments helps win games. These are just a few of the cards in this powerful mix of soldiers!

Any help, feedback, criticism, and/or comments are appreciated.

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