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Gonna get this list before I get my more pricey list



spiritwarden says... #1

Wow, congrats on the build. I had a mind of building something similar with faeries but it is still very budget. I haven't posted a decklist yet but I use farie impostor, spellstutter sprite and pestermite. My idea was to add a vendillion clique to the deck as soon as I could get one. Your mana base seems fine too.

December 6, 2017 11:12 p.m.

Hunson_Abadeer says... #2

spiritwarden thanks!

I've collected many of the cards over a period of time. I've still got a lot of the cards to buy but it's a start

I'm glad you like my list! Let me know when you post your list and I'll check it out

December 6, 2017 11:18 p.m.

spiritwarden says... #3

Much appreciated and thank you. Your list is the closest version I had envisioned of the faerie build for modern that I want. The thing is I own just a single playset of bitterblossoms but I settled to 3 instead of the full 4 in my modern WB token build. My playgruop allows proxies for playtest so no big issue there of course. As soon as I piece the deck on this site, I will post it and I may link it on your wall so you can check it up.

December 6, 2017 11:36 p.m.

Hunson_Abadeer says... #4

spiritwarden sounds good to me!

Running 4 bitterblossom works out with collective brutality and smuggler's copter

December 6, 2017 11:43 p.m.

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+2 Swamp main
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-4 Bitterblossom main
+2 Vendilion Clique main