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Let me start off by saying this is my first deck on this website. This deck shares some core cards from infect, including the creatures and the buffs, but I went looking for ways to make infect more affordable, as I am someone who doesn't have a large collection myself or a lot of money to spend. For a long time I looked for replacement creatures for Noble Hierarch. But then I found Llanowar Reborn and thought that might just work as a budget replacement for Hierarch. This deck is extremely straight forward. An ideal starting hand would include Llanowar Reborn and a creature. Turn 3 you can be swinging for lethal with buffs or keep your creatures on the field with counters.

I would greatly appreciate any help, not just with the deck but also with formatting.

I updated to make it modern legal, I wasn't really thinking about format as this deck was just going to be for casual magic with my friends.


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