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Renaissance Man (Extreme Budget Legacy Delver)

Legacy Budget Control Delver U/B (Dimir)


PSA: This deck at $120 costs less than 5% of its legacy meta equivalent (avg. $2,800 USD)

Yo dudes and dudettes, legacy is hella expensive AMIRITE??? Jeez, seems like you can't build a regular deck for less than 3 grand (excluding stuff like storm and dredge, of course). This is really annoying b/c legacy is such a cool format in terms of meta and power level. Oftentimes, the most OG players at your LGS are the ones slinging legacy on sundays just chillin. If by chance you don't want to be left out b/c you can't nut up the cost to get into the format, I've put something together for a fraction of the price that still resembles a regular meta deck - and I promise, it works damn good.

What you see here is a good old fashioned Delver deck. You know what that is? It's the name given to spellhweavy decks (often control or counterburn) that employ Delver of Secrets  Flip. Spells and Delver go together like peanut butter and your uncle's nutsack. So let's take a second and look at this cool little build that's only around $100 bucks so you can get a better understanding of why it might be something you'd like to try out or show a friend!

The deck has a total 11 creatures. Among this list we have 4x Delver of Secrets  Flip, which flips to become Insectile Aberration, as well as 4x True-Name Nemesis, which is the only relatively expensive card in the deck at $15ish per copy. We also run 3x Gurmag Angler for some heavy hitting action.

True-Name Nemesis is a card that's too good to pass on so it just absolutely had to be in this build. It has protection from basically everything, meaning it can block all day, attack and go unblocked, survive individual removal, and more of less just be a burden on opponents.

Gurmag Angler is our big bruiser. He can come out pretty damn early in the game too since we're sifting through spells like Thought Scour and countering a bunch of opponents stuff. If you play modern, you definitely already know the drill with this guy.

Next we have the bulk of the deck which is..................... spells. This deck is quite prototypical of a control deck, meaning there's basically three types of spells present:

  1. permission - let's look, here we have 1x Foil which is as close to a budget Force of Will as we can get, 3x Counterspell, 4x Daze, 1x Spell Pierce and 1x Turn Aside to protect our dudes.

  2. removal - so here we have some pretty vanilla but effective stuff. 2x Murderous Cut, 1x Dismember, 1x Doom Blade, 4x Inquisition of Kozilek, 1x Hymn to Tourach, 1x Hero's Downfall.

  3. lastly, draw - since we need to be consistent and access the right stuff, we need ways to find it. here we have - 3x Preordain, 4x Thought Scour and 4x Ponder cause he's more or less just around for the draws.

Aside from this, the deck is rounded out with 19 lands. Most are islands since we are running Foil in order to counter stuff. The manabase has 7 lands that produce both colors, 10 basics and 2 Ghost Quarter.

Once again, this deck comes together for around $100-120 dollars, which is extremely CHEAP to play in legacy. Hell, it's probably less than you'll spend on food and alcohol this week (don't deny it!).

I hope you guys like the deck and would please leave a +1 to help the deck be more noticeable to others.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave comments/suggestions if you have those as well.


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