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I know Bant Hexproof has been quite the staple deck in Standard recently and although some big name cards will be droppig out of it I was looking forward to seeing what may be coming up in Theros with more enchantments. As you can see it's pretty budget friendly. Even though the Innistrad block is still in standard (and M13) i didn't add any of those cards to it so as to keep it budget and to have something ready to change into for the fall. Any help would be much appreciated as I'm really new to constructing a standard deck as since I started playing Magic it's been mainly casual decks.



reconaissance says... #1

just so you know, the reason hexproof is a thing right now is because a turn 2 giest is pretty much game unanswered, also one of the best enchantments, being Spectral Flight , is rotating along with Invisible Stalker , leaving creatures that were not played because they were overcosted, and a one drop that was not ideal to start enchanting.

With that out of the way, now let's look at what we do have, Ascended Lawmage could work out, already having evasion, but it's a 4 drop and by then aggro decks have killed or are about to kill you, and midrange decks have stabilized. So let's move on to our second best choice, Gladecover Scout , it's a creature that you can start enchanting on turn 2, but without rancor, at best it's a 3/3, sure that out classes just about any one or two drop, but it is pretty weak. and not only that but it does not have evasion.

Now the third best creature to enchant, Witchstalker , if you play it on turn 2 with ranp, turn 2 you put courage on it, making it a 5/5 which is decent, but it still does not have evasion, and because of that one Boros Reckoner could just end up backfiring hugley.

The fourth card you should be enchanting is Fencing Ace , sure it has double strike, and sure it's a two drop so you can enchant it the turn it's played, but it does not have hexproof.

If i were to make any suggestion, it would be to go into naya, because of Madcap Skills giving psuedo evasion, and allowing for more enchantments like Gruul War Chant to make blocking harder. You are only losing one mediocre creature by changing colors and gaining acess to better charms, being Boros Charm to avoid wrath effects and burn spells to finish the opponent.

August 5, 2013 12:19 a.m.

drumeric4 says... #2

Thank you so much for the elaborate comment! I knew that going for the Lawmage would be a rough go as it is 4cmc for a way worse card than Geist. Your idea to change it into naya color's is actually quite interesting and I'll have to take that into serious consideration. Overall I do just want a deck that I can take to an FNM and have fun with as I don't have the money to push a "great" standard deck. It would be nice to win a little though haha.

August 7, 2013 10:23 a.m.

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