My altered version of Azami:

The main win condition of this deck is too draw a lot of cards with Azami, Lady of Scrolls's ability and a bunch of wizards (that also give control over the board), counter my opponent's spells to make them run out of fuel, and then cast Mind Over Matter, mill myself completely with Azami, Lady of Scrolls and cast Laboratory Maniac.

Mana Base


  • 1x Patron Wizard - Biggest badass of the deck after Azami, he slows down the opponent's mana curve like crazy, and can lock them completely if I have enough wizards on the board.

  • 1x Sower of Temptation - Great way to avoid menacing creatures.

  • 1x Martyr of Frost - Great at early game, even when I don't use him to counter, he serves as a psychological barrier.

  • 1x Stonybrook Banneret - Great at letting me cast Azami for 4CMC, and also to recast it.

  • 1x Vedalken AEthermage - Almost evertime, this tutors for Patron Wizard .

  • 1x Venser, Shaper Savant - All around good control card.

  • 1x Snapcaster Mage - This guy can be used for countering, blocking and drawing, all in one turn and for two mana. That's a lot of value!

  • 1x Vendilion Clique - Is great with a sworn, can help me get key cards out of me opponents hands and has great tempo.

  • 1x Sea Scryer - A wizard that generates mana? Yes please!

  • 1x Glen Elendra Archmage - A counter made creature.


  • 1x Counterspell - No comments needed, reliable and a must-have.

  • 1x Boomerang - Can be used to target a threat, save Azami or to return a land at my opponents end step to their hand, specially in deck that rely a lot on ramping.

  • 1x Cyclonic Rift - Overload can just finish the game for you.

  • 1x Force of Will - Needs no explanation.

  • 1x Fact or Fiction - Digs my deck to find the pieces of the combo.

  • 1x Foil - Poorman's version of FOW, but works great in this deck.

  • 1x Mindbreak Trap - Another free counterspell, and sometimes the difference between exiling and countering a spell can make de difference.

  • 1x Force Spike - Nothing better that countering your opponent's winning card with this spells. Works a lot better that expected, great in early game.

  • 1x Miscalculation - Great at early game, and you can cycle it in lategame.

  • 1x Impulse - Digs the deck for the combo pieces.

Other spells

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