A budget Modern Esper Exalted deck I whipped up for a tournament at school. My budget was $100, but I already had a foil Battlegrace Angel and a foil Nefarox. If you were to buy the deck without the foils, the total price comes to about $98-$99. One of the problems with Exalted that I see talked about frequently is that you have to only swing with one creature at a time to get the best effect while your opponent can go all-out. Well, I think I was able to solve that problem with Silent Arbiter, which forces your opponent to only attack with a single creature also. Difference is, you get benefits from it. One of the main tactics of this deck is to put Skeletal Grimace on the Arbiter to prevent your opponent from using artifact destruction, since you can regenerate it. The Arbiter also forces your opponent to single-block your Exalted creatures (I personally don't do this, but if you have Menace, your creature with Menace is essentially unblockable). Another combo is Sovereigns of Lost Alara and Steel of the Godhead. Simply attack with the Sovereigns and, since its ability triggers before blockers can be declared, put Steel onto it. Swinging with a (at minimum) 6/7 Exalted, Lifelink, Unblockable every turn? That'll put your opponent down real quick. The only card that may seem out of place is Suture Priest in the sideboard. Well, the only reason that's in the deck is as an anti-Token strategy. Drop that turn two and, provided you can protect it, watch the Token player kill themself. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome down below!


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