This is a Budget Golgari Elves Deck for casual games of modern, and though it can occasionally get a win against more competitive decks, this deck isn't designed with competition in mind.

The major goal is to ramp hard into a couple lords, or a Shaman of the Pack for lethal, and though ramp is something we have, black and green aren't specifically known for draw power. Read the Bones and Lead the Stampede re the options I chose and though I like the ability to draw with spells, creatures are what I wish I could use, like Elvish Visionary, too bad there isn't much more.

The sideboard is pretty simple, with Prey Upon and Disfigure as decent removal, and Duress/Naturalize being good against enchantment/artifact decks. Prowess of the Fair is in there for use against board wipes and removal.


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