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The Swarm

This deck is an eldrazi aggro deck that focuses on swarming your opponent with an endless swarm of eldrazi. I have played this deck casually and find that Nettle Drone and Thought Harvester provides tons of support when I start to bring out lots of cheap eldrazi in a turn. Make your swarm massive with Ruination Guide and Tide Drifter to swing for large amounts of damage in a single turn. Running low on cards? Use Deepfathom Skulker and Runed Servitor to draw extra cards. Matter Reshaper is a good three-drop, allowing you to pull out small creatures from your deck. Destroy Zendikar with your tentacley horde!


Need a finisher? Reality Smasher can crush your enemies. When playing against a swarm deck, Ratchet Bomb can wipe the board cheaply.Playing against big creatures? Use Void Shatter to counter it. Ghost Quarter destroys lands whilst providing mana for your Reality Smasher and Matter Reshaper.


When looking to upgrade the deck, a playset of Eldrazi Temples replaces four Wastes. Two All Is Dusts replaces a Ghost Quarter and Void Shatter in the sideboard. Two Aether Vials replace a Runed Servitor and a Sifter of Skulls.


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