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Budget EDH 04 - +1/+1 Counters

Commander / EDH Budget Counters GU (Simic) Tempo


This is the 4th deck in a series of fun, simple, and reasonably strong commander decks that cost around $100. This one is focused around the very popular commander Vorel of the Hull Clade . The goal is to play efficient creatures and grow their power to unreasonable amounts as fast as possible. We use this by starting with a few counters, than adding more and more until we are able to swing in with a horde of unstoppable titans. This deck isn't very heavy in the way of combos, but can create infinite blue mana using Incubation Druid + Vigean Graftmage .

This deck can be taken in many different directions through upgrades, but I'm only going to be giving examples that can boost the power of this deck on their own, no combo pieces or infect cards as they start to take the deck away from its original build and I would be typing this for hours.

Ezuri, Claw of Progress : Ezuri is the true commander for this deck, giving us endless amounts of counters from the small creatures we are already playing.

Cyclonic Rift : I hate this card and think it should be banned, but I won't deny any deck running blue should also be running rift.

Kalonian Hydra : This card wins games fast, that's all there is to it. The same is true for just about any hydra such as Primordial Hydra , Mistcutter Hydra , or Lifeblood Hydra .

Disallow , Voidslime , Counterspell , Mana Drain , or any other counterspells of your choice: Counterspells give you a way to deny things you don't want to deal with, and are very important considering these colors don't have many ways to kill creatures.

Inexorable Tide : This card is simply absurd. Any spell you cast is also going to grow your creatures and has some other fun interactions with cards such as Fathom Mage .

Hydroid Krasis This could also be included in the hydra group. This card is a huge flying threat, a lot of card advantage, and is an absolute must in this deck.


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