This is the sort of budget deck I have put together based on SueMe’s Hogaak: My Favorite (Infinite) Combo Deck. It operates the same way (playing hogaak early, drawing tons of cards, winning with combo) but with a few cards switched to reduce the cost.

A few important cards:\

Pitiless Plunderer: Is direct alternate to Phyrexian Altar that is able to create infinite colored mana and saprolings with Altar of Dementia(free sac outlet to create treasure) and Korozda Guildmage (sac hogaak to make 8 saprolings, tap 8 to recast, sac 4 to make more mana to sac Hogaak and repeat)

Bolas's Citadel: A very fun card to play that can go off pretty hard with Altar of Dementia(sacrificing a creature to self mill every time a land is hit)


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