This is a deck that I'm theory crafting to buy in paper within the next few weeks. I'm relatively new to MTG, so any improvements would be appreciated.

The main focus of this deck is to keep up tempo aggressively. You play really cheap cards like Thoughtbound Phantasm and Dimir Spybug in the early game as a way of creating snowballing threats, while protecting them through removal (Cast Down, Price of Fame, Siren Stormtamer, Dead Weight, Duress & Negate).

The deck has 10 Surveil cards and 7 Surveil synergy cards. I don't feel like there's really much need to have more than 10 surveil cards due to Nightveil Sprite. Once you have at least one Nightveil Sprite online, Dimir Spybug and Thoughtbound Phantasm just snowball from there. Since Sprite has Flying, and you're able to easily destroy Flying or Reach creatures and counter removal spells through the huge amount of removal in this deck, you can Surveil each turn consistently.


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