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Budget Commander Hanna

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Budget Commander Deck Hanna

This is a budget commander deck built around Hanna, Ship's Navigator . It utilizes repeatable enchantments and auras to overwhelm the opponent with creatures covered in auras or out tempo them in card advantage due to all of the trigger cards in the deck.

Hanna, Ship's Navigator insures you will keep recovering any lost enchantments and creates an engine with any sacrifice enchantments like Legacy's Allure or Ordeal of Heliod . She also lets you keep returning your enchantment creatures to the battlefield. Eidolon of Countless Battles 's creature type lets you target it with Hanna's ability. She will also get your auras back whenever your creatures are sent to the graveyard.

By itself, her ability creates a strong deck engine that will outstrip your opponent's removal and barriers to your eventual victory. The deck can even outrace many other decks due to all of the triggers you cards have based around enchantments being on the battlefield or entering the battlefield.

Mesa Enchantress and other cards like it will keep filling your hand with cards. Many other cards safeguard you from harm. Depending on your game state, Sphere of Safety can keep you safe from attacks while the circles and runes like Rune of Protection: Red can even prevent direct damage.

All the while, your deck will keep putting creatures into play enchanted with auras that will keep the pressure on your foe until they are defeated.

So if you like enchantments, voltron-style creatures or outracing your opponent then this deck is for you!


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