Welcome to the budget version of my #1 Brion Stoutarm deck, Bad Luck Brion!!!!

A quote from my other deck description, to give you an idea on how the deck works:

"This deck is based on the concept of sacrificing creatures to Brion Stoutarm that I would have to sacrifice at the end of my turn anyway, the first example being Spark Trooper. I realized that this could be a 5-mana, 12-damage 12-life combo, and ever since I've been finding ways to double down on the sac effect to get the most out of my mana. Think about this:

I throw out Blistering Firecat with Sneak Attack, pump it with Hazoret's Favor and then Fatal Frenzy, attack, then after combat, fling the Firecat with Brion Stoutarm. In one turn, I spend 5 mana to deal 36 damage, gain 18 life, and fling a creature with 4 sack-at-end-of-turn effects on it! That's the organized chaos I want to achieve with this deck!"

This is simply a list of all the budget cards I've used in my time with Brion. There will be no cards here over $5, and most will be under $2. The list above will look very similar to how the deck started out, but there will be many more card choices in the description for you to pick and choose from.

That's all folks! If you'd like to see how the deck is doing now, click here!

Bad Luck Brion

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Please send all upvotes that way, as that is the actual deck, and this is just a budget list. Thanks!


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